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A Plastid Gene Phylogeny of the Yam Genus, Dioscorea: Roots, Fruits and Madagascar
Abstract Following recent phylogenetic studies of the families and genera of Dioscoreales, the identification of monophyletic infrageneric taxa in the pantropical genus Dioscorea is a priority. AExpand
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Coffeatoshii sp. nov. (Rubiaceae) from Madagascar
A new species of Coffea from southern central Madagascar, C. toshii, is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to C. buxifolia but differs due to its short, broad spreading habit (vsExpand
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Three new species of Coffea L. (Rubiaceae) from NE Madagascar
Trois nouvelles especes de Coffea L. (Rubiaceae) du NE de Madagascar, Trois nouvelles especes de Coffea sont decrites de la province d'Antsiranana, au Nord-Est de Madagascar : C. littoralis, C.Expand
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A taxonomic revision of the baracoffea alliance: nine remarkable Coffea species from western Madagascar
A taxonomic revision of the baracoffea alliance, formerly Coffea subgenus Baracoffea, is presented. Identification keys, descriptions, distribution maps, illustrations, species notes (distribution,Expand
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Additions to the genus Barleria in Madagascar
Summary. Three new species of Barleria L. (Acanthaceae) are described from the Antsiranana region of northern Madagascar: B. speciosa I. Darbysh., B. glandulostamina I. Darbysh. and B. microcalyx I.Expand
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A new species of Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae) from Western Madagascar and its pollen morphology
A new species of Dioscorea, D. namorckensis, from the Reserve Naturelle Integrale de Tsingy de Namoroka in Western Madagascar is described and illustrated, and its macromorphology and pollenExpand
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New species of Coffea L. (Rubiaceae) from Madagascar
Three new species of Coffea from Madagascar are described: Coffea vohemarensis, C. minutiflora and C. moratii. Full descriptions and conservation assessments are provided. © 2003 The Linnean SocietyExpand
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Rediscovery of Malagasy Lathraeocarpa allows determination of its taxonomic position within Rubiaceae
Lathraeocarpa acicularis, a small woody Rubiaceae endemic to Madagascar, was rediscovered after more than 50 years. A phylogenetic reconstruction based on four plastid markers (atpB-rbcL, rps16,Expand
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Three New Species of Coffea L. (Rubiaceae) from Madagascar
The three species described here are evergreen, in common with all other Coffea species from eastern Madagascar. In this paper we have used the term calyculus to describe the bract-like structuresExpand
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