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Charged anisotropic matter with linear or nonlinear equation of state
Ivanov pointed out substantial analytical difficulties associated with self-gravitating, static, isotropic fluid spheres when pressure explicitly depends on matter density. Simplifications achieved
A new deterministic model of strange stars
The observed evidence for the existence of strange stars and the concomitant observed masses and radii are used to derive an interpolation formula for the mass as a function of the radial coordinate.
Two phenomenological variable Λ models, viz.Λ ~ (ȧ/a)2 and Λ ~ ρ, have been studied under the assumption that the equation of state parameter ω is a function of time. The selected Λ models are found
Search of wormholes in different dimensional non-commutative inspired space-times with Lorentzian distribution
In this paper we ask whether the wormhole solutions exist in different dimensional noncommutativity-inspired spacetimes. It is well known that the noncommutativity of the space is an outcome of
BTZ black holes inspired by noncommutative geometry
In this paper a Banados, Teitelboim and Zanelli (BTZ) black hole is constructed from an exact solution of the Einstein field equations in a (2+1)-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime in the context
Singularity-free solutions for anisotropic charged fluids with Chaplygin equation of state
We extend the Krori-Barua analysis of the static, spherically symmetric, Einstein-Maxwell field equations and consider charged fluid sources with anisotropic stresses. The inclusion of a new variable
Nonommutative wormholes in f(R) gravity
This paper discusses several new exact solutions for static wormholes in f(R) gravity with a noncommutative-geometry background. In the first part of the paper, we assume the power-law form f(R) =
Searching for higher-dimensional wormholes with noncommutative geometry
It is found through this investigation that wormhole solutions exist in the usual four, as well as in five dimensions, but they do not exist in higher-dimensional spacetimes.