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Incidence and physical properties of PSE chicken meat in a commercial processing plant
It is known that PSE meat present important functional defects, such as low water holding capacity and ultimate pH, which may compromise the quality of further-processed meat products. In this study,Expand
Infrared Thermography Applied to the Evaluation of Metabolic Heat Loss of Chicks Fed with Different Energy Densities
Brazil must comply with international quality standards and animal welfare requirements in order to maintain its position as world's largest exporter of poultry meat. With the scenario of globalExpand
The use of light-emitting diodes (LED) in commercial layer production
Artificial lighting is one of the most powerful management tools available to commercial layer producers. Artificial light allows anticipating or delaying the beginning of lay, improving eggExpand
Implications of the use of sorghum in broiler production
This study aimed at evaluating total or partial replacement of corn by sorghum in broiler diets and at estimating the effect of the pigment supplementation on broiler performance, carcass and cutsExpand
Infrared thermal image for assessing animal health and welfare
Infrared thermal imaging is a non-destructive testing technology that can be used to determine the superficial temperature of objects. This technology has an increasing use in detecting diseases andExpand
Piglets’ Surface Temperature Change at Different Weights at Birth
The study was carried out in order to verify the effects of piglets’ weight at birth on their surface temperature change (ST) after birth, and its relationship with ingestion time of colostrum.Expand
Selecting appropriate bedding to reduce locomotion problems in broilers
Two experiments were carried out at the Poultry Sector of the School of Agrarian Sciences of the Federal University of Grande Dourados to evaluate the incidence of leg problems in broilers reared onExpand
Identifying the factors impacting on farmers' intention to adopt animal friendly practices.
Brazil, one of the leading countries in livestock production, has not yet developed legislation considering animal welfare issues and most of the actions to improve farm animal welfare (FAW)Expand
Locomotion of commercial broilers and indigenous chickens
This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the steadiness of broilers during the stance phase of locomotion, and the primary disorders of the locomotor system and gait. The experimentalExpand
Carcass Characteristics and Qualitative Attributes of Pork from Immunocastrated Animals
An investigation was carried out to assess the carcass characteristics and meat quality aspects of immunocastrated male pigs of medium genetic potential for lean meat deposition in carcass (53 toExpand