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Effect of electric arc furnace dust on the properties of OPC and blended cement concretes
Abstract This paper presents results of a study conducted to evaluate the mechanical properties and durability characteristics of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and blended cement (silica fume andExpand
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Metals in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes
Minerals are one of the components of food, though they are not synthesized in the body but they are essential for optimal health. Several essential metals are required for the proper functioning ofExpand
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MRS reveals additional hexose N‐acetyl resonances in the brain of a mouse model for Sandhoff disease
Sandhoff disease, one of several related lysosomal storage disorders, results from the build up of N‐acetyl‐containing glycosphingolipids in the brain and is caused by mutations in the genes encodingExpand
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Role of Leptin Deficiency, Inefficiency, and Leptin Receptors in Obesity
Leptin protein consists of 167 amino acids, which is mainly secreted from the white adipose tissue. This protein acts on the hypothalamic regions of the brain which control eating behavior, thusExpand
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Investigating the concurrent presence of HCV in serum, oral fluid and urine samples from chronic HCV patients in Faisalabad, Pakistan
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is normally present in the blood of infected patients; however, it can also be present in some other body fluids. Therefore, in this study, a concurrent presence of HCV-RNAExpand
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Hypertension regulating angiotensin peptides in the pathobiology of cardiovascular disease
ABSTRACT Renin angiotensin system (RAS) is an endogenous hormone system involved in the control of blood pressure and fluid volume. Dysregulation of RAS has a pathological role in causingExpand
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Effects of Reg3 Delta Bioactive Peptide on Blood Glucose Levels and Pancreatic Gene Expression in an Alloxan-Induced Mouse Model of Diabetes.
OBJECTIVE The endocrine regeneration of the pancreas holds great potential for stable diabetes therapy. The Regeneration (Reg) family of proteins has been associated with pancreas regeneration.Expand
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Association of TLL1 gene polymorphism (rs1503298, T > C) with coronary heart disease in PREDICT, UDACS and ED cohorts.
OBJECTIVE To determine the sequence variant of TLL1 gene (rs1503298, T > C) in three British cohorts (PREDICT, UDACS and ED) of patients with type-2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in order to assess itsExpand
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Elevated serum level of human alkaline phosphatase in obesity.
OBJECTIVE To investigate a correlation between serum alkaline phosphatase level and body mass index in human subjects. METHODS The comparative cross-sectional study was carried out at the NationalExpand
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Leptin Resistance: A Possible Interface Between Obesity and Pulmonary-Related Disorders
Context Under normal physiological conditions, leptin regulates body weight by creating a balance between food intake and energy expenditure. However, in obesity, serum leptin levels increase andExpand
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