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Open and Closed-circuit Endotracheal Suctioning in Acute Lung Injury: Efficiency and Effects on Gas Exchange
Background:Closed-circuit endotracheal suctioning (CES) is advocated for preventing hypoxemia caused by the loss of lung volume resulting from open endotracheal suctioning (OES). However, theExpand
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The Early and Delayed Analgesic Effects of Ketamine After Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Study
BACKGROUND: Ketamine has been shown to have a morphine-sparing effect soon after surgery. Nevertheless, whether this effect still exists after being combined with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugsExpand
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Elastomeric Pump Reliability in Postoperative Regional Anesthesia: A Survey of 430 Consecutive Devices
BACKGROUND:Postoperative analgesia via continuous perineural infusion of local anesthetics compares favorably with systemic analgesia. Elastomeric pumps increase patient satisfaction compared withExpand
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An Analysis of Postoperative Epidural Analgesia Failure by Computed Tomography Epidurography
In this prospective study involving 125 patients, we analyzed epidural analgesia failure after major abdominal surgery using computed tomography (CT) epidurographies to compare the incidence ofExpand
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Multiplane ultrasound approach to quantify pleural effusion at the bedside
ObjectiveTo assess the accuracy of a multiplane ultrasound approach to measure pleural effusion volume (PEV), considering pleural effusion (PE) extension along the cephalocaudal axis and PEExpand
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Incidence of Chest Tube Malposition in the Critically Ill: A Prospective Computed Tomography Study
Background:Malposition of percutaneously inserted chest tubes is considered as a rare complication in critically ill patients. Its incidence, however, remains uncertain. The aims of the study were toExpand
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Mandibular nerve block can improve intraoperative inferior alveolar nerve visualization during sagittal split mandibular osteotomy.
INTRODUCTION The main procedure specific complication of sagittal split osteotomy of the mandibular ramus (SSOMR) is inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) injury. This can be produced by poor intraoperativeExpand
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Is the Musculocutaneous Nerve Really in the Coracobrachialis Muscle When Performing an Axillary Block? An Ultrasound Study
BACKGROUND: In reference textbooks describing axillary block, the ulnar, radial, and median nerves are located in a common sheath surrounding the axillary artery. In contrast, the musculocutaneousExpand
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Modification of Tp‐e and QTc intervals during caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
There are no guidelines for the anaesthetic management of caesarean section in women with long QT syndrome; the description of myocardial ventricular repolarisation in healthy women during caesareanExpand
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