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Topology of 4-manifolds
One of the great achievements of contemporary mathematics is the new understanding of four dimensions. Michael Freedman and Frank Quinn have been the principals in the geometric and topological
Ends of maps, II
Versions of the finiteness obstruction and simple homotopy theory “within ε overX” are developed. This provides a setting for obstructions to the map analogs of the end ands-cobordism theorems for
Ends of Maps, I
Chern-Simons theory with finite gauge group
We construct in detail a 2+1 dimensional gauge field theory with finite gauge group. In this case the path integral reduces to a finite sum, so there are no analytic problems with the quantization.
Isotopy of 4-manifolds
The principal result of this paper is that the group of homeomorphisms mod isotopy (the "homeotopy" group) of a closed simply-connected 4-manifold is equal to the automorphism group of the quadratic
Bordism invariants of intersections of submanifolds
This paper characterizes certain geometric intersection problems in terms of bordism obstructions. These obstructions give a setting in which to study such things as parametrized h-cobordisms