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Functional Analysis of an Arabidopsis Transcription Factor, DREB2A, Involved in Drought-Responsive Gene Expression[W][OA]
Transcription factors DREB1A/CBF3 and DREB2A specifically interact with cis-acting dehydration-responsive element/C-repeat (DRE/CRT) involved in cold and drought stress–responsive gene expression inExpand
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Dual function of an Arabidopsis transcription factor DREB2A in water-stress-responsive and heat-stress-responsive gene expression
Transcription factor DREB2A interacts with a cis-acting dehydration-responsive element (DRE) sequence and activates expression of downstream genes involved in drought- and salt-stress response inExpand
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Functional analysis of AHK1/ATHK1 and cytokinin receptor histidine kinases in response to abscisic acid, drought, and salt stress in Arabidopsis
In plants, multistep component systems play important roles in signal transduction in response to environmental stimuli and plant growth regulators. Arabidopsis contains six nonethylene receptorExpand
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Regulation and functional analysis of ZmDREB2A in response to drought and heat stresses in Zea mays L.
DREB1/CBFs and DREB2s are transcription factors that specifically interact with a cis-acting element, DRE/CRT, which is involved in the expression of genes responsive to cold and drought stress inExpand
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Achievements and challenges in understanding plant abiotic stress responses and tolerance.
Intensive research over the last decade has gradually unraveled the mechanisms that underlie how plants react to environmental adversity. Genes involved in many of the essential steps of the stressExpand
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Co-expression of the stress-inducible zinc finger homeodomain ZFHD1 and NAC transcription factors enhances expression of the ERD1 gene in Arabidopsis.
The ZFHD recognition sequence (ZFHDRS) and NAC recognition sequence (NACRS) play an important role in the dehydration-inducible expression of the Arabidopsisthaliana EARLY RESPONSIVETO DEHYDRATIONExpand
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Arabidopsis DREB2A-Interacting Proteins Function as RING E3 Ligases and Negatively Regulate Plant Drought Stress–Responsive Gene Expression[W]
The DEHYDRATION-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT BINDING PROTEIN2A (DREB2A) transcription factor controls water deficit–inducible gene expression and requires posttranslational modification for its activation. TheExpand
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Cloning and functional analysis of a novel DREB1/CBF transcription factor involved in cold-responsive gene expression in Zea mays L.
The transcription factors DREB1s/CBFs specifically interact with the DRE/CRT cis-acting element (core motif: G/ACCGAC) and control the expression of many stress-inducible genes in Arabidopsis. WeExpand
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A transposable element in a NAC gene is associated with drought tolerance in maize seedlings
Drought represents a major constraint on maize production worldwide. Understanding the genetic basis for natural variation in drought tolerance of maize may facilitate efforts to improve this traitExpand
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Functional analysis of an Arabidopsis heat-shock transcription factor HsfA3 in the transcriptional cascade downstream of the DREB2A stress-regulatory system.
A transcription factor DREB2A functions as a key regulator not only in drought stress responses but also in heat stress (HS) responses, and activates expression of many abioticExpand
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