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Ki-67 labelling index and invasiveness among anterior pituitary adenomas: analysis of 103 cases using the MIB-1 monoclonal antibody.
AIMS: To investigate the relation between proliferative activity of anterior pituitary adenomas, quantified by the Ki-67 labelling index, and their invasive behaviour. METHODS: Expression of Ki-67Expand
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Interspinous spacer decompression (X-STOP) for lumbar spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease: A multicenter study with a minimum 3-year follow-up
Interspinous distraction devices provide an effective treatment for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis and/or degenerative disk disease. The aim of this multicenter study was theExpand
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Anterior clinoidal meningiomas: report of a series of 33 patients operated on through the pterional approach.
Between 1985 and 1995, 33 cases of clinoidal meningioma were surgically treated by pterional approach. In 6 cases, according to the grading scale of Al-Mefty, the lesions were group I, havingExpand
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Surgically verified case of optic sheath nerve meningocele: Case report with review of the literature
Optic sheath meningocele is rare; only approximately 31 cases have been reported. The term optic sheath meningocele has recently been proposed by Garrity and Forbes to describe primary CSF cysts ofExpand
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High-dose radiation-induced meningiomas.
BACKGROUND Numerous neoplasms within the CNS have been reported as radiogenic in origin; radiation-induced meningiomas are at least five times more numerous than gliomas or sarcomas in the worldExpand
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Lack of correlation between Ki-67 labelling index and tumor size of anterior pituitary adenomas
Aims and backgroundThe Ki-67 is a nuclear antigen detected by the monoclonal antibody MIB-1 and its Labeling Index (LI) is considered a marker of normal and abnormal cell proliferation. PituitaryExpand
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Anterior cervical fusion with carbon fiber cage containing coralline hydroxyapatite: preliminary observations in 45 consecutive cases of soft-disc herniation.
OBJECT The purposes of bone substitutes for anterior cervical fusion (ACF) are immediate biomechanical support and osteointegration of the graft. The authors report their preliminary results inExpand
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Chronic spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma simulating a lumbar stenosis
SummaryA case of a patient with a clinical picture of lumbar spine stenosis actually caused by a chronic, spontaneous, spinal epidural hematoma is reported. There was no history of major or minorExpand
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Multicentric Gliomas. Report of Seven Cases
Multifocal gliomas fall into four main categories: diffuse, multiple, multicentric and multiple-organ. Multicentric gliomas are uncommon lesions of the central nervous system. Even more so areExpand
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