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Computational geometry: an introduction
This book offers a coherent treatment, at the graduate textbook level, of the field that has come to be known in the last decade or so as computational geometry. Expand
On the Connection Assignment Problem of Diagnosable Systems
This paper treats the problem of automatic fault diagnosis for systems with multiple faults by means of a given arrangement of testing links (connection assignment), and a proper diagnosis can be arrived at for any diagnosable fault pattern. Expand
On Finding the Maxima of a Set of Vectors
The problem of finding all maximal elements of V with respect to the partial ordering is considered and the computational com- plexity of the problem is defined to be the number of required comparisons of two components and is denoted by Cd(n). Expand
The cube-connected cycles: a versatile network for parallel computation
This work describes in detail how to program the cube-connected cycles for efficiently solving a large class of problems that include Fast Fourier transform, sorting, permutations, and derived algorithms. Expand
Euclidean shortest paths in the presence of rectilinear barriers
The goal is to find interesting cases for which the solution can be obtained without the explicit construction of the entire visibility graph, which solve the problems by constructing the shortest-path tree from the source to all the vertices of the obstacles and to the destination. Expand
Optimal Off-Line Detection of Repetitions in a String
An algorithm is presented to detect all of the distinct repetitions in a given textstring on a finite alphabet off-line on a RAM, based on a new data structure, the leaf-tree, which is particularly suited to exploit simple properties of the suffix tree associated with the string to be analyzed. Expand
Computational Geometry
Convex hulls of finite sets of points in two and three dimensions
The presented algorithms use the “divide and conquer” technique and recursively apply a merge procedure for two nonintersecting convex hulls to ensure optimal time complexity within a multiplicative constant. Expand
Plane-sweep algorithms for intersecting geometric figures
Algorithms in computational geometry are of increasing importance in computer-aided design, for example, in the layout of integrated circuits. The efficient computation of the intersection of severalExpand
Finding the Intersection of two Convex Polyhedra
An algorithm to test whether their intersection is empty, and if so to find a separating plane, and to construct their intersection polyhedron is developed, which runs in timeO (n log n), where n is the sum of the numbers of vertices of the two polyhedra. Expand