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Marine Fishes of the Azores : annotated checklist and bibliography : a catalogue of the Azorean marine ichthyodiversity
The publication of the present work was funded by the Junta Nacional de Investigacao Cientifica e Tecnologica (JNICT)- Lisboa. The research was made possible through grants received from SecretariaExpand
Diversity, distribution and spatial structure of the cold-water coral fauna of the Azores (NE Atlantic)
Cold-water corals are widely considered as important structural components of benthic habitats, potentially enhancing local abundance in a variety of fish and invertebrate species. Yet, currentExpand
Evolution of Nemertesia hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa, Plumulariidae) from the shallow and deep waters of the NE Atlantic and western Mediterranean
Moura, C. J., Cunha, M. R., Porteiro, F. M., Yesson, C. & Rogers, A. D. (2011) Evolution of Nemertesia hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa, Plumulariidae) from the shallow and deep waters of the NE AtlanticExpand
Catchability of pelagic trawls for sampling deep-living nekton in the mid-North Atlantic
Material collected in summer 2004 from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Iceland and the Azores with three pelagic trawls was used to estimate relative catchabilities of common fish, cephalopod,Expand
Some observations on the behaviour of adult squids, Loligo forbesi, in captivity
Thirty-four adult individuals of Loligo forbesi (males and females with dorsal mantle lengths from 27–77 cm) were observed in captivity in a 3 m diameter closed sea-water system on Faial Island,Expand
Vertical Structure, Biomass and Topographic Association of Deep-Pelagic Fishes in Relation to a Mid-Ocean Ridge System
Abstract The assemblage structure and vertical distribution of deep-pelagic fishes relative to a mid-ocean ridge system are described from an acoustic and discrete-depth trawling survey conducted asExpand
A molecular phylogenetic appraisal of the systematics of the Aglaopheniidae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa, Leptothecata) from the north-east Atlantic and west Mediterranean
The hydrozoan family Aglaopheniidae (Cnidaria) is widespread worldwide and contains some of the most easily recognizable hydroids because of their large colony size and characteristic microscopicExpand
Deep-water longline fishing has reduced impact on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems
Bottom trawl fishing threatens deep-sea ecosystems, modifying the seafloor morphology and its physical properties, with dramatic consequences on benthic communities. Therefore, the future of deep-seaExpand
Temporal and spatial changes in mercury concentrations in the North Atlantic as indicated by museum specimens of glacier lanternfish Benthosema glaciale (Pisces: Myctophidae)
Museum specimens of glacier lanternfish Benthosema glaciale were used to investigate long‐term variations in mercury concentration of mesopelagic organisms from the North Atlantic. B. glaciale is anExpand