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Treatment of Amaurosis, or Gutta Serena
When sight is lost though the pupil is still bright, or even if it is dull, or if obstruction of the nerve has caused this ill, then, lest it be affected by yet other humours, quickly give pills ofExpand
Treatment of Cephalea
When the headache is long-standing, various remedies are available: of these try the more moderate, but seek the source of this enduring pain. Sometimes it is due to an extreme heat: if the pain isExpand
The Decade of Medicine or The Physician of the Rich and the Poor
  • F. Port
  • Medicine
  • Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  • 1988
Will reading habit influence your life? Many say yes. Reading decade of medicine or the physician of the rich and the poor is a good habit; you can develop this habit to be such interesting way.Expand
Treatment of Renal Pain or Calculus
When constant heaviness and pain are accompanied by the several signs already mentioned, stones are located in the kidney. Frequent use of an enema and suppository relieve the bowel: and if the veinsExpand
Treatment of Disorders of the Mesentery
When the mesentery is affected by many humours, and if the cause of the disorder is not apparent to you elsewhere, then place your hand there: and if you feel it hard, apply all your remedies at thatExpand
Treatment of Slow Fever
When the region of the belly, liver, brain, lung, kidney or spleen contains a humour followed by slow fever that obstructs their passages, then gradually and often purge their stagnant filth with theExpand
Treatment of Cancer of the Uterus
The cure of cancer is not given to Machaon’s secret art, and cancer of the uterus fathoms the depths of ill: yet it may be alleviated by various remedies, so that it does not grow or spread. FirstExpand
Treatment of Peripneumonia
In peripneumonia, to relieve the inflammation of the lung, first give a suppository to bring out the faeces: open a vein, lest the humour flow anew, and to open the narrowed channels that conduct theExpand
Treatment of Splenetics, That is, Those Whose Spleen is Tense and Hard
If the spleen is tense and hard and burdened, first inject an enema, next purge repeatedly with lenitive or hamech, and added diaprune: and often senna, but uncooked as we have said before about theExpand