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The CLUSTAL_X windows interface: flexible strategies for multiple sequence alignment aided by quality analysis tools.
CLUSTAL X is a new windows interface for the widely-used progressive multiple sequence alignment program CLUSTAL W. The new system is easy to use, providing an integrated system for performingExpand
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A comprehensive comparison of multiple sequence alignment programs
In recent years improvements to existing programs and the introduction of new iterative algorithms have changed the state-of-the-art in protein sequence alignment. This paper presents the firstExpand
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BAliBASE: a benchmark alignment database for the evaluation of multiple alignment programs
SUMMARY BAliBASE is a database of manually refined multiple sequence alignments categorized by core blocks of conservation sequence length, similarity, and the presence of insertions and N/C-terminalExpand
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seqMINER: an integrated ChIP-seq data interpretation platform
In a single experiment, chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with high throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq) provides genome-wide information about a given covalent histone modification or transcriptionExpand
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ADCK3, an ancestral kinase, is mutated in a form of recessive ataxia associated with coenzyme Q10 deficiency.
Muscle coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ(10) or ubiquinone) deficiency has been identified in more than 20 patients with presumed autosomal-recessive ataxia. However, mutations in genes required for CoQ(10)Expand
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Identification of a novel BBS gene (BBS12) highlights the major role of a vertebrate-specific branch of chaperonin-related proteins in Bardet-Biedl syndrome.
Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) is primarily an autosomal recessive ciliopathy characterized by progressive retinal degeneration, obesity, cognitive impairment, polydactyly, and kidney anomalies. TheExpand
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DbClustal: rapid and reliable global multiple alignments of protein sequences detected by database searches.
DbClustal addresses the important problem of the automatic multiple alignment of the top scoring full-length sequences detected by a database homology search. By combining the advantages of bothExpand
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Towards a reliable objective function for multiple sequence alignments.
Multiple sequence alignment is a fundamental tool in a number of different domains in modern molecular biology, including functional and evolutionary studies of a protein family. Multiple alignmentsExpand
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PipeAlign: a new toolkit for protein family analysis
PipeAlign is a protein family analysis tool integrating a five step process ranging from the search for sequence homologues in protein and 3D structure databases to the definition of the hierarchicalExpand
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