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Pretreatment methods to enhance anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste
This paper reviews pretreatment techniques to enhance the anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste, including mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological methods. The effects of variousExpand
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A review on dark fermentative biohydrogen production from organic biomass: Process parameters and use of by-products
Dark fermentation of organic biomass, i.e. agricultural residues, agro-industrial wastes and organic municipal waste is a promising technology for producing renewable biohydrogen. In spite of itsExpand
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Bio-methane potential tests to measure the biogas production from the digestion and co-digestion of complex organic substrates.
Bio-methane potential (BMP) tests are widely used in studies concerning the anaerobic digestion of organic solids. Although they are often criticized to be time consumer, with an average lengthExpand
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Anaerobic co-digestion of organic wastes
Over the last years anaerobic digestion has been successfully established as technology to treat organic wastes. The perspective of turning, through a low-cost process, organic wastes into biogas, aExpand
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Enhanced anaerobic digestion of food waste by thermal and ozonation pretreatment methods.
Treatment of food waste by anaerobic digestion can lead to an energy production coupled to a reduction of the volume and greenhouse gas emissions from this waste type. According to EU RegulationExpand
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Enhanced bio-methane production from co-digestion of different organic wastes
This paper deals with an experimental study aimed at assessing the effect of mixing different organic wastes on the anaerobic digestion process. Livestock manure and organic solid wastes have beenExpand
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Effect of ammoniacal nitrogen on one-stage and two-stage anaerobic digestion of food waste.
This research compares the operation of one-stage and two-stage anaerobic continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) systems fed semi-continuously with food waste. The main purpose was to investigateExpand
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Dark fermentation of complex waste biomass for biohydrogen production by pretreated thermophilic anaerobic digestate.
The Biohydrogen Potential (BHP) of six different types of waste biomass typical for the Campania Region (Italy) was investigated. Anaerobic sludge pre-treated with the specific methanogenic inhibitorExpand
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Modelling the effect of the OLR and OFMSW particle size on the performances of an anaerobic co-digestion reactor
Abstract A dynamic mathematical model capable to predict the methane production in an anaerobic completely stirred tank reactor (CSTR), performing the co-digestion of the organic fraction ofExpand
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Dynamic modeling of sulfate reducing biofilms
This paper presents a mathematical model able to simulate the physical, chemical and biological processes prevailing in a sulfate reducing biofilm under dynamic conditions. Expand
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