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Toolkits for Idea Competitions: A Novel Method to Integrate Users in New Product Development
Research has shown that many innovations originate not in the manufacturer but the user domain. Internet-based toolkits for idea competitions (TIC) are a novel way for manufacturers to accessExpand
Mass Customization: Reflections on the State of the Concept
The opportunities of mass customization are acknowledged as fundamentally positive by theoretical and empirical studies for many years. Many companies are already operating on this new business modelExpand
Value Creation by Toolkits for User Innovation and Design: The Case of the Watch Market
This study analyzes the value created by so-called ‘‘toolkits for user innovation and design,’’ a new method of integrating customers into new product development and design. Toolkits allow customersExpand
The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysis
Abstract This paper provides an overview of the main perspectives and themes emerging in research on open innovation (OI). The paper is the result of a collaborative process among several OI scholarsExpand
Cracking the Code of Mass Customization
Fabrizio Salvador is Professor of Operations Management at the Instituto de Empresa Business School, adjunct professor at the MIT-Zaragoza Logistics Program and research affiliate at theExpand
Product Variety Management
Abstract A great challenge facing industry today is managing variety throughout the entire products life cycle. Drivers of products variety, its benefits, pre-requisites and associated complexity andExpand
Economic implications of 3D printing: Market structure models in light of additive manufacturing revisited
Additive manufacturing (AM), colloquially known as 3D printing, is currently being promoted as the spark of a new industrial revolution. The technology allows one to make customized products withoutExpand
Does mass customization pay? An economic approach to evaluate customer integration
The paper provides an integrated view of value creation in mass customization-based production models. While flexible manufacturing technologies are often seen as the main enabler of massExpand
Overcoming Mass Confusion: Collaborative Customer Co-Design in Online Communities
The paper challenges the assumption made by most mass customization researchers that offering customized products requires an individual (one-to-one) relationship between customer and supplier and proposes the use of online communities for collaborative customer co-design in order to reduce the mass confusion phenomenon. Expand
A Typology of Customer Co-Creation in the Innovation Process
Customer co-creation denotes an active, creative and social collaboration process between producers (retailers) and customers (users), facilitated by the company. Customers become active participantsExpand