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Helioseismic Studies of Differential Rotation in the Solar Envelope by the Solar Oscillations Investigation Using the Michelson Doppler Imager
The splitting of the frequencies of the global resonant acoustic modes of the Sun by large-scale flows and rotation permits study of the variation of angular velocity Ω with both radius and latitudeExpand
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Helioseismic determination of the solar gravitational quadrupole moment
One of the most well-known tests of General Relativity (GR) results from combining measurements of the anomalous precession of the orbit of Mercury with a determination of the gravitationalExpand
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Asteroseismic determination of stellar angular momentum
The total angular momentum of stars is an important diagnostic for testing theories of formation of stars. Angular momentum can also play a decisive role in the evolution of stars, in particularExpand
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Differential Rotation and Dynamics of the Solar Interior
Splitting of the sun's global oscillation frequencies by large-scale flows can be used to investigate how rotation varies with radius and latitude within the solar interior. The nearly uninterruptedExpand
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Solar-like oscillations in the G8 V star τ Ceti
We used HARPS to measure oscillations in the low-mass star τ Cet. Although the data were compromised by instrumental noise, we have been able to extract the main features of the oscillations. WeExpand
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On the opacity change required to compensate for the revised solar composition
Context. Recent revisions of the determination of the solar composition have resulted in solar models in marked disagreement with helioseismic inferences. Aims. The effect of the inferred compositionExpand
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The Time Delay of the Quadruple Quasar RX J0911.4+0551*
We present optical light curves of the gravitationally lensed components A (≡A1+A2+A3) and B of the quadruple quasar RX J0911.4+0551 (z = 2.80). The observations were primarily obtained at the NordicExpand
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SCORe '96 : Solar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship
Preface. Part I: Global Structure. Effects of Convection on the Mean Solar Structure J. Christensen-Dalsgaard. Convective Overshooting and Mixing I.W. Roxburgh. Effect of Turbulent Pressure on SolarExpand
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Solar-like Oscillations in the G2 Subgiant β Hydri from Dual-Site Observations
We have observed oscillations in the nearby G2 subgiant starHyi using high-precision velocity observations obtained over more than a week with the HARPS and UCLES spectrographs. The oscillationExpand
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Selection criteria for targets of asteroseismic campaigns
Various dedicated satellite projects are underway or in advanced stages of planning to perform high-precision, long duration time series photometry of stars, with the purpose of using the frequenciesExpand
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