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Synthesis of a DOTA--biotin conjugate for radionuclide chelation via Cu-free click chemistry.
A strain-induced copper-free click reaction mediated by a new and easily prepared cyclooctyne derivative was used to efficiently assemble a DOTA-biotin adduct capable of radionuclide ((68)Ga) uptake.Expand
Semiconducting organic assemblies prepared from tetraphenylethylene tetracarboxylic acid and bis(pyridine)s via charge-assisted hydrogen bonding.
Principles of crystal engineering have been applied toward the construction of supramolecular assemblies between an acid-functionalized tetraphenylethylene derivative and three different bis(pyridine)s, and crystals incorporating 4,4'-bis( pyridyl)ethylene and 4, 4'-bipyridine displayed conductivities comparable to those of established organic semiconductors. Expand
Tetrapyridyl tetraphenylethylenes: supramolecular building blocks with aggregation-induced emission properties
Abstract Two tetrapyridyl-substituted tetraphenylethylenes have been prepared via Suzuki coupling between tetrabromo tetraphenylethylene and 3- or 4-pyridine boronic acid. Both compounds exhibitExpand
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) markers for MRI-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy: novel marker-flange for cervical cancer and marker catheters for prostate cancer.
The use of interstitial/intracavitary markers for MRI-guided prostate/gynecologic BT was observed to be feasible, providing accurate source pathway reconstruction. Expand
Generation and solid state characterization of tetrapyridinium perchlorate salts derived from tetrapyridyl tetraphenylethylenes
Abstract Two tetraarylethylene derivatives symmetrically functionalized at the 4, 4′, 4″, and 4 ‴ positions with either 4-pyridyl or 3-pyridyl groups were converted to their correspondingExpand
Metal-Catalyzed Allylationof Organoboranes and Organoboronic Acids
Metal-catalyzed transformations have emerged as indispensabletools for carbon-carbon bond formation in contemporary syntheticchemistry. Metal-promoted cross-couplings and metal-catalyzedExpand
Improved synthesis and biological evaluation of chelator-modified α-MSH analogs prepared by copper-free click chemistry.
The resulting bioconjugates bind with high affinity and specificity to their cell-surface receptor targets in vitro and appear stable to degradation in mouse serum over 3h of incubation at 37°C. Expand
A DOTA-peptide conjugate by copper-free click chemistry.
Attachment of DOTA to a novel monofluoro-cyclooctyne facilitates bioconjugation to an azide-modified peptide via Cu-free click chemistry to afford a potential targeted molecular imaging agent with high specific activity and an excellent radiochemical purity. Expand
Exploiting phosphonate chemistry in metal-mediated dearomatization: stereoselective construction of functionalized spirolactams from arene ruthenium complexes.
An asymmetric spirocyclization was demonstrated through application of this procedure to a beta-amido phosphonate prepared from (S)-(-)-alpha-methyl benzylamine and the expected spirolactam product was obtained as a single enantiomer. Expand