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European sea bass genome and its variation provide insights into adaptation to euryhalinity and speciation
Comparing predictions of alternative demographic models to the joint allele-frequency spectrum indicates that genomic islands of differentiation between sea bass lineages were generated by varying rates of introgression across the genome following a period of geographical isolation.
Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination in Fish Revisited: Prevalence, a Single Sex Ratio Response Pattern, and Possible Effects of Climate Change
It is demonstrated that T SD in fish is far less widespread than currently believed, suggesting that TSD is clearly the exception in fish sex determination.
Induction of triploidy and gynogenesis in teleost fish with emphasis on marine species
The methodologies used to induce, verify, and assess performance of both triploids and gynogenetics of these marine species, including mainly sparids, moronids and flatfishes, are focused on.
DNA Methylation of the Gonadal Aromatase (cyp19a) Promoter Is Involved in Temperature-Dependent Sex Ratio Shifts in the European Sea Bass
DNA methylation of the aromatase promoter may be an essential component of the long-sought-after mechanism connecting environmental temperature and sex ratios in vertebrate species with temperature-dependent sex determination.