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Iturins, a special class of pore-forming lipopeptides: biological and physicochemical properties.
Iturins are a family of lipopeptides extracted from the culture media of various strains of Bacillus subtilis. These amphiphilic compounds are characterized by a peptide ring of seven amino acidExpand
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Isolation and characterization of a new variant of surfactin, the [Val7]surfactin.
Reinvestigation of surfactin, a previously studied peptidolipid surfactant from Bacillus subtilis, by fast-atom-bombardment mass spectrometry and 1H-NMR spectroscopy, as well as by chemical methods,Expand
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Structures of bacillomycin D and bacillomycin L peptidolipid antibiotics from Bacillus subtilis.
The complete structures of bacillomycin D and bacillomycin L were revised by FAB mass spectrometry and by Edman degradation of the derivatives resulting from the N-bromosuccinimide reaction. TheExpand
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A study on the interactions of surfactin with phospholipid vesicles.
Surfactin, an acidic lipopeptide produced by various strains of Bacillus subtilis, behaves as a very powerful biosurfactant and posses several other interesting biological activities. By means ofExpand
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Lichenysins G, a novel family of lipopeptide biosurfactants from Bacillus licheniformis IM 1307: production, isolation and structural evaluation by NMR and mass spectrometry.
A series of 9 lactonic lipopeptide biosurfactants was isolated from Bacillus licheniformis IM 1307 as representatives of the lichenysin group and we propose to name them lichenysins G. They wereExpand
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Interactions of bioactive lipopeptides, iturin A and surfactin from Bacillus subtilis
The antifungal activity of iturin A and its interaction with erythrocyte membranes were enhanced in the presence of surfactin. The modification of the properties of iturin A was explained by theExpand
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Surfactin/iturin A interactions may explain the synergistic effect of surfactin on the biological properties of iturin A.
Iturin A and surfactin are two lipopeptides extracted from a same strain of Bacillus subtilis. Iturin A possesses antibiotic and antifungal activities and surfactin is a strong surfactant. TheExpand
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Structure of bacillomycin D, a new antibiotic of the iturin group.
Bacillomycin D is an antifungal agent extracted from the culture medium of a strain of Bacillus subtilis. It is a mixture of two homologous lipopeptides: the lipid moiety consists ofExpand
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Coproduction of surfactin and iturin A, lipopeptides with surfactant and antifungal properties, by Bacillus subtilis
Of the 13 strains of Bacillus subtilis tested for the coproduction of the lipopeptide surfactin and the antifungal lipopeptides of the iturin family, only 1 produced both lipopeptides with a highExpand
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[Ala4]surfactin, a novel isoform from Bacillus subtilis studied by mass and NMR spectroscopies.
When Bacillus subtilis S 499 was grown on a culture medium containing L-alanine as nitrogen source, a mixture of surfactins was obtained. Suitable chromatographic conditions allowed the separation ofExpand
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