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An extended cutting plane method for solving convex MINLP problems
Abstract An extended version of Kelley's cutting plane method is introduced in the present paper. The extended method can be applied for the solution of convex MINLP (mixed-integer non-linearExpand
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A genetic algorithms based multi-objective neural net applied to noisy blast furnace data
A genetic algorithms based multi-objective optimization technique was utilized in the training process of a feed forward neural network, using noisy data from an industrial iron blast furnace, and several important trends were observed. Expand
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Structural and operational optimisation of distributed energy systems
Abstract A distributed energy system (DES) is a system comprising a set of energy suppliers and consumers, district heating pipelines, heat storage facilities and power transmission lines in aExpand
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Synthesis of large-scale heat exchanger networks using a sequential match reduction approach
  • F. Pettersson
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  • 15 April 2005
In this paper, a sequential approach is outlined which generates networks for industrial sized heat exchanger network synthesis (HENS) problems by solving a sequence of subproblems. Expand
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Hybrid ant colony optimization and visibility studies applied to a job-shop scheduling problem
A hybrid ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm is applied to a well known job-shop scheduling problem: MT10 (Muth-Thompson). Expand
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Optimization of pump configurations as a MINLP problem
Abstract This paper introduces a method for solving optimal pump configurations as a MINLP (mixed integer non-linear programming) problem. The pump configurations considered consist of an arbitraryExpand
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Method for the selection of inputs and structure of feedforward neural networks
This paper presents a systematic method that can guide the selection of both input variables and a sparse connectivity of the lower layer of connections in feedforward neural networks of multi-layer perceptron type with one layer of hidden nonlinear units and a single linear output node. Expand
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Optimization of Large-scale Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Problems
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Analysing blast furnace data using evolutionary neural network and multiobjective genetic algorithms
Abstract Approximately one year's operational data of a TATA Steel blast furnace were subjected to a multiobjective optimisation using genetic algorithms. Data driven models were constructed forExpand
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Cu―Zn separation by supported liquid membrane analyzed through Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms
Abstract Data driven models were constructed for the Cu―Zn separation process using Di (2-ethyl hexyl) phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) as the mobile carrier in a supported liquid membrane. The modelingExpand
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