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Economic Space: Theory and Applications
Introduction, 89. — I. The idea of abstract space and economic analysis, 91; distinction between geonomic (banal) space and economic spaces, 92; space defined by a plan, 95; space defined as a fieldExpand
Modeling Agglomeration and Dispersion in City and Country
The "new economic geography" is a recent body of litera- ture that seeks to explain how resources and production come to be concentrated spatially for reasons other than the standard "geo- graphic"Expand
A New Concept of Development: Basic Tenets
1. Concepts and Indicators 2. Theoretical Formulation 3. Policy and Strategies 4. Purpose and Values
Peregrinations of an economist and the choice of his route
I would be tempted to date my birth certificate as an economist ‘Vienna, 1934’, when I arrived there as a Rockefeller fellow accompanied by my young wife. But that would be ungrateful to my firstExpand
Structural Inflation And The Economic Function Of Wages: The French Example
The share of wages in the French national income is approximately constant and very considerable. Moreover, the structure of wages is highly rigid. We propose to analyse the causes of this rigidityExpand
Stability and Progress in the World Economy.
Autarcie et expansion : Empire ou Empires?
Marx, Schumpeter, Keynes