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Chlormadinone acetate versus micronized progesterone in the sequential combined hormone replacement therapy of the menopause.
The progestative effects of CA on the endometrium and on menopause-related symptoms were at least as good as those of P, and CA resulted more often than P in secretory effects, and in satisfying bleeding patterns. Expand
Comparative endometrial histology in postmenopausal women with sequential hormone replacement therapy of estradiol and, either chlormadinone acetate or micronized progesterone.
Results show that CA 10mg/day is a powerful progestin compared to MP 200 mg/day, on weakly estradiol-primed endometria, giving a molecule-specific histological aspect with a good endometrial safety. Expand
[Venous disease in France: an unrecognized public health problem].
The analysis of available informations suggests that chronic venous insufficiency represents approximatively 2.6% of the whole health expenditures in France, that is to say an amount of 14.7 billion of Francs for the year 1991. Expand
In‐vitro and Ex‐vivo Inhibition of Blood Platelet Aggregation by Naftazone
The effect of naftazone (Etioven), an original vasculotropic drug on platelet aggregation is studied. Expand
Weak D phenotypes and transfusion safety: where do we stand in daily practice?
The serologic typing practice of weak D in a Caucasian patient population was analyzed and a transfusion strategy is proposed. Expand
Effect of naftazone on in vivo platelet function in the rat.
Results show that naftazone has similar inhibitory effects on rat platelet functions as ticloplidine, and could be a useful agent to modulate platelet function in patients with cardiovascular disease. Expand