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Vigorous exchange between the Indian and Atlantic oceans at the end of the past five glacial periods
The magnitude of heat and salt transfer between the Indian and Atlantic oceans through ‘Agulhas leakage’ is considered important for balancing the global thermohaline circulation. Increases orExpand
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Noble Gases in Lakes and Ground Waters
In contrast to most other fields of noble gas geochemistry that mostly regard atmospheric noble gases as ‘contamination,’ air-derived noble gases make up the far largest and hence most importantExpand
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Interpretation of dissolved atmospheric noble gases in natural waters
Several studies have used the temperature dependence of gas solubilities in water to derive paleotemperatures from noble gases in groundwaters. We present a general method to infer environmentalExpand
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Modeling 50 years of historical temperature profiles in a large central European lake
A unique data set of 50 years of monthly temperature profiles from Lake Zurich, a normally ice-free lake located on the Swiss Plateau, allowed the one-dimensional numerical k-« lake model ’’SExpand
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Analysis of deep-water exchange in the Caspian Sea based on environmental tracers
In order to quantify deep-water exchange in the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest inland water body, water samples were analyzed for the transient tracers 3H, 3He, 4He, CFC-11, CFC-12 and atmosphericExpand
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Seasonal stratification, shell flux, and oxygen isotope dynamics of left‐coiling N. pachyderma and T. quinqueloba in the western subpolar North Atlantic
blooms. This annual population overturning is marked by a 0.7‰ increase in d 18 O in both species. The shell flux of N. pachyderma peaks during the spring bloom and in late summer, whenExpand
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Palaeotemperature reconstruction from noble gases in ground water taking into account equilibration with entrapped air
Noble-gas concentrations in ground water have been used as a proxy for past air temperatures, but the accuracy of this approach has been limited by the existence of a temperature-independentExpand
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Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum
The circulation of the deep Atlantic Ocean during the height of the last ice age appears to have been quite different from today. We review observations implying that Atlantic meridional overturningExpand
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Application of k-ϵ turbulence models to enclosed basins: The role of internal seiches
[1] A numerical model was developed for the prediction of the density stratification of lakes and reservoirs. It combines a buoyancy-extended k-� model with a seiche excitation and damping model toExpand
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Horizontal mixing in lakes
Horizontal mixing in the upper hypolimnion of lakes far from the boundaries was studied in lake basins with surface areas between 5 and 220 km(2) by observing the growth of the concentrationExpand
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