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Adsorption of H 2 O , N H 3 , CO, N O 2 , and NO on graphene: A first-principles study
Motivated by the recent realization of graphene sensors to detect individual gas molecules, we investigate the adsorption of ${\mathrm{H}}_{2}\mathrm{O}$, $\mathrm{N}{\mathrm{H}}_{3}$, CO,
From graphene to graphite : Electronic structure around the K point
Within a tight-binding approach we investigate how the electronic structure evolves from a single graphene layer into bulk graphite by computing the band structure of one, two, and three layers of
Stacking order dependent electric field tuning of the band gap in graphene multilayers
The effect of different stacking order of graphene multilayers on the electric field induced band gap is investigated. We considered a positively charged top and a negatively charged back gate in
Nanoindentation of bilayer graphene is studied using molecular dynamics simulations. We compared our simulation results with those from elasticity theory as based on the nonlinear Foppl- Hencky
Plasmonic excitations in Coulomb-coupled N-layer graphene structures
We study Dirac plasmons and their damping in spatially separated N-layer graphene structures at finite doping
Generic properties of a quasi-one-dimensional classical Wigner crystal
We studied the structural, dynamical properties and melting of a quasi-one-dimensional system of charged particles, interacting through a screened Coulomb potential. The ground-state energy was
Nonmonotonic field dependence of damping and reappearance of Rabi oscillations in quantum dots.
It is found that the phonon-induced damping of Rabi rotations is a nonmonotonic function of the laser field that is increasing at low fields and decreasing at high fields, which results in a reappearance of RBI rotations at high field.
Snake orbits and related magnetic edge states
We study the electron motion near magnetic field steps at which the strength and/or sign of the magnetic field changes. The energy spectrum for such systems is found and the electron states (bound
Anomalous Raman spectra and thickness-dependent electronic properties of WSe2
Typical Raman spectra of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) display two prominent peaks, E2g and A1g, that are well separated from each other. We find that these modes are degenerate in bulk
High-capacity hydrogen storage in Al-adsorbed graphene
A high-capacity hydrogen storage medium---Al-adsorbed graphene---is proposed based on density-functional theory calculations. We find that a graphene layer with Al adsorbed on both sides can store