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A comprehensive investigation of mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago
This work characterized the most expansive MCEs ever recorded, with vast macroalgal communities and areas of 100% coral cover between depths of 50–90 m extending for tens of km2 in the Hawaiian Archipelago, and finds that endemism within M CEs increases with depth, and does not support suggestions of a global faunal break at 60 m.
Mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Efforts to map coral reef ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago using optical imagery have revealed the presence of numerous scleractinian, zoothanthellate coral reefs at depths of 30–130+ m, most
The Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi) is thought to be a foraging generalist, preying on numerous species in diverse habitats of the subtropical Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. At the atoll
A Description of Fish Assemblages in the Black Coral Beds off Lahaina, Maui, Hawai‘i
Observations indicate that black coral trees are used by many fishes as a general form of habitat, and if the coral Trees are the largest relief feature at a site, their removal will likely impact the fish assemblage.
Habitat and reef-fish assemblages of banks in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
In spite of the extensive standing primary production, and a historical lack of fishing, bank reef-fish populations were impoverished, and Apex predators were proposed to constrain fish populations to sparse sources of relief resulting in a skewed size structure of the two primary fish trophic components.
Geology and Geomorphology of Coral Reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) comprise a portion of the middle of the 6,126 km long Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain , considered to be the longest mountain chain in the world Grigg (1983)
Precious corals and subphotic fish assemblages
Telemetry studies of monk seal movements at French Frigate Shoals identified two areas where seals were focusing their foraging at subphotic depths. Submarine surveys (1 , 000, and 001) were used in
Interdecadal change in reef fish populations at French Frigate Shoals and Midway Atoll, northwestern Hawaiian Islands: Statistical power in retrospect
Observations indicate that the statistical power necessary to detect changes in the population densities of reef fish species that exhibit large temporal fluctuations in numbers, particularly on oceanic islands, is generally low.
Towed-Diver Surveys, a Method for Mesoscale Spatial Assessment of Benthic Reef Habitat: A Case Study at Midway Atoll in the Hawaiian Archipelago
An integrated method for benthic habitat assessment is described, in which divers maneuver boards equipped with digital video, temperature, and depth recorders while being towed behind a small boat.
Habitat and Life History of Juvenile Hawaiian Pink Snapper, Pristipomoides filamentosus
Eteline snappers are an important component of commercial demersal fisheries in the central and western Pacific, but there is a substantial gap in the knowledge of their life histories, specifically