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Posttraumatic Enophthalmos: Etiology, Principles of Reconstruction, and Correction
Enophthalmos is defined as a backward, and usually downward, displacement of the globe into the bony orbit. In posttraumatic enophthalmos, the mechanisms that determine globe position are: 1) theExpand
Anterior skull base fractures: guidelines for treatment.
Cranial base fractures still represent a challenging issue. A multidisciplinary approach and the contribution of different specialists is mandatory. There is still a controversy regarding the correctExpand
Midfacial Fractures: A Scoring Method and Validation on 117 Patients
The midfacial region (MR) is located in the middle-third of the face, composed of several bones and surrounded by complex anatomical structures so that MR fractures (MRFs) often involve other partsExpand
Thermal and compressional behavior of the natural borate kurnakovite, MgB3O3(OH)5·5H2O
Abstract The thermal and compressional behaviors of kurnakovite, a potential B-rich aggregate in neutron radiation-shielding concretes, were studied by in situ single-crystal synchrotron X-rayExpand
Scoring mandibular fractures: a tool for staging diagnosis, planning treatment, and predicting prognosis.
BACKGROUND Mandibular fractures (MF) are a daily problem in maxillofacial surgery. A staging system for classifying MF is of paramount importance to plan surgery, to define prognosis, and to exchangeExpand
The elastic behavior of zeolitic frameworks: The case of MFI type zeolite under high-pressure methanol intrusion
Abstract The high-pressure behavior of six synthetic zeolites with the MFI topology, characterized by different chemical composition (framework-Si partially replaced by Al or B and counterbalanced byExpand
High‐pressure behavior and phase stability of Na2B4O6(OH)2·3H2O (kernite)
The high-pressure behavior of kernite [ideally Na2B4O6(OH)2·3H2O, a ~7.02 Å, b ~9.16 Å, c ~15.68 Å, β = 108.9°, Sp. Gr. P21/c, at ambient conditions], an important B-bearing raw material (with B2O3 Expand
Methanol intrusion in MFI-zeolites at high pressure
High-pressure cold methanol intrusion in MFI-zeolites