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Nomenclature Based on Sand-silt-clay Ratios
ABSTRACT Following a canvassing of sedimentationists an attempt is made to standardize nomenclature of sediment types relative to sand, silt, and clay content. A triangle diagram with boundaries
Submarine Canyons: Multiple Causes and Long-Time Persistence
The actual investigation of submarine canyons as field work was begun about 50 years ago. A large amount of factual information has accumulated as result of operations of deep diving vehicles, first
Sea level and climatic changes related to late Paleozoic cycles
INTRODUCTION Numerous investigators in recent years have called attention to regularly recurrent sequences in the strata of the Pennsylvanian system in the eastern and central parts of the United
Rip Currents: A Process of Geological Importance
Rip currents are defined as seaward-moving streaks of water which return the water carried landward by waves. These currents are believed to be an almost universal accompaniment of large waves
Submarine Canyons and Other Sea Valleys
Come with us to read a new book that is coming recently. Yeah, this is a new coming book that many people really want to read will you be one of them? Of course, you should be. It will not make you
Nearshore water circulation related to bottom topography and wave refraction
The nearshore circulation in the vicinity of Scripps Beach has been measured by means of very simple devices. It has been found that this circulation is controlled to a large degree by the wave
Currents in Submarine Canyons and Other Seavalleys
It is a widely held opinion that submarine canyons were cut during the glacial stages of low sea level and now are essentially dormant features, disturbed only on rare occasions by high-speed
Submarine canyons.
Shallow discontinuous valleys crease the upper portion of the continental slopes in the region where the Mississippi Delta has built across the shelf. These valleys attest to the instability of the