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Grassfires: Fuel, Weather and Fire Behaviour, 2nd edition
Description and ecology of pterocarpus angolensis in Namibia.
The tree Pterocarpus angolensis is an important component of the dry woodland savanna of northern Namibia. Its timber provides the basic resource for much of the carvings in Namibia. UnfortunatelyExpand
The woody weed encroachment puzzle: gathering pieces
Increases in woody plant densities in savanna grazing lands worldwide have resulted in a decline in the grazing capacity of these rangelands. At present, the actual cause of the problem is unknownExpand
Trends in land use and land cover change in the protected and communal areas of the Zambezi Region, Namibia
The study concluded that land tenure has a direct impact on land use and land cover, since it may restrict some activities carried out on the land in the Zambezi Region. Expand
The behaviour of the species mingling index Msp in relation to species dominance and dispersion
  • F. P. Graz
  • Geography
  • European Journal of Forest Research
  • 14 April 2004
Ecosystem conservation plays an increasingly important role in forest management. The value for such conservation has been directly linked to high diversity of species and structure within systems.Expand
Modelling the effects of water-point closure and fencing removal: a GIS approach.
It is found that the manipulation of water-points and fences in one management intervention may change grazing activity in a way different to that which would be experienced if each had been modified separately. Expand
Structure and diversity of the dry woodland savanna of northern Namibia
The dry woodland savannas are of significant importance for the regional economy as they provide the resources including food, building material and fuel. The factors that affect the vegetation mayExpand
The development of an expert system for arid rangeland management in central Namibia with emphasis on bush thickening
An online decision support system derived from research and expert knowledge was developed for arid rangeland management in central Namibia and adhered to many of the critical success factors relating to decision support systems in its development. Expand
Description and ecology of Schinziophyton rautanenii (Schinz) Radcl.-Sm. in Namibia.
The Manketti, Mongongo or Mangetti, Schinziophyton rautanenii (Schinz) Radcl.-Sm. is an indigenous tree in Namibia, the fruit of which are of significant socio-economic value. The tree occurs in whatExpand