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Probability of germination after heat treatment of native Spanish pines
Les pins espagnols montrent un haut degre de resilience aux feux frequents. Pour cette raison, ils ont ete consideres comme des pyrophytes actifs. Cependant, l'evidence premiere de la reponse au feuExpand
Inhibitory effects of Artemisia herba-alba on the germination of the gypsophyte Helianthemum squamatum
The potential allelopathic role of Artemisia herba-alba has been evaluated in order to explain the community pattern of the gypsum semiarid environments of central Spain. This pattern shows a sharpExpand
Seed germination of high mountain Mediterranean species: altitudinal, interpopulation and interannual variability
The germination response of 20 species from high altitude Mediterranean climates, most of them rare endemics, was studied. Our main goal was to model the germination response of a complete set ofExpand
Germination of Cistus ladanifer seeds in relation to parent material
Variability in seed germination behaviour of Cistus ladanifer L. (rockrose), a Cistaceous species widely distributed in the Mediterranean Basin, was studied in a central Spanish population underExpand
Is fire a selective force of seed size in pine species
Abstract Fire is selectively shaping most of the traits of plants growing in fire-prone environments. However, seed size and other features related to seed production have not been studied in theExpand
Germination behaviour in seeds of Diplotaxis erucoides and D. virgata
Summary The seed germination behaviour of four populations each of Diplotaxis erucoides (L.) DC. and D. virgata (Cav.) DC, two weedy Brassicaceae species widely distributed in the MediterraneanExpand
Effect of dry-heat, soaking in distilled water and gibberellic acid on the germination of Cistus clusii, C. monspeliensis and C. salvifolius seeds
Different pretreatments for promoting germination of Cistus clusii, C. monspeliensis and C. salvifolius, Cistaceous species widely distributed in Mediterranean region, were investigated.Expand
Environmental maternal effects on seed morphology and germination in Sinapis arvensis (Cruciferae)
Summary Pioneer plants are adapted to grow in unpredictable environments. These plants have evolved several traits related to seed morphology and germination to cope with this unpredictability.Expand
Seed germination of gypsophytes and gypsovags in semi-arid central Spain
Abstract Seed germination under controlled conditions was studied for six restricted gypsophytes and five gypsovags, three with calcareous preferences and two of salt optima, most of them localExpand
Effects of light, temperature and population variability on the germination of seven Spanish pines
Abstract Most Pinus species are obligate seeders. Thus, knowledge of germination characteristics can help in the understanding, prediction and manipulation of the regeneration and dynamics of pineExpand