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Modelling with stakeholders - Next generation
Modelling with Stakeholders is updated and builds on Voinov and Bousquet, 2010, and structured mechanisms to examine and account for human biases and beliefs in participatory modelling are suggested. Expand
Digital Earth from vision to practice: making sense of citizen-generated content
The results of a two-year research project exploring the extent to which it is possible to extract information useful for policy and science from the large volumes of messages and photos being posted daily through social networks indicate that six of eight major fires in France in the summer of 2011 were detected accurately. Expand
Automated geographic context analysis for volunteered information
Abstract Several studies show the impacts of (geo)social media and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) during crisis events, and have found intrinsic value for rescue teams, relief workers andExpand
Beyond data collection: Objectives and methods of research using VGI and geo-social media for disaster management
This paper investigates research using VGI and geo-social media in the disaster management context and develops a classification schema that captures three levels of main category, focus, and intended use, and analyzes the relationships with the employed data sources and analysis methods. Expand
Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
To support researchers in producing reproducible work, the GIScience conference series could offer awards and paper badges, provide author guidelines for computational research, and publish articles in Open Access formats. Expand
Citizen-based sensing of crisis events: sensor web enablement for volunteered geographic information
Thanks to recent convergence of greater access to broadband connections, the availability of Global Positioning Systems in small packages at affordable prices and more participative forms ofExpand
Geospatial Analysis and the Internet of Things
The survey investigates the opportunities of location-aware IoT, and examines the potential of geospatial analysis in this research area, maps and analyzes the IoT based on its location dimension, categorizing IoT applications and projects according to the geosp spatial analytical methods performed. Expand
A conceptual workflow for automatically assessing the quality of volunteered geographic information for crisis management
In this paper, we aim to present a complete conceptual work flow for the assessment of user generated geographic content, or volunteered geographic information (VGI), for the use in a crisisExpand