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Biological activities of angiotensin II-(1-6)-hexapeptide and angiotensin II-(1-7)-heptapeptide in man.
Biological activities of angiotensin II-(1-6)-hexapeptide [ANG-(1-6)] and angiotensin II-(1-7)-heptapeptide [ANG-(1-7)] were studied in 5 normal men and 3 patients with Bartter's syndrome. TheExpand
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A role for ferritin in hematopoiesis and the immune system.
Elevated serum ferritin levels have been reported in a number of pathological states. These observations indicate that cells of the immune system can participate in the prevention of potential tissueExpand
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Biological activity of des-asp1-angiotensin II (angiotensin III) in man.
Effects of des-asp1-angiotensin II (angiotensin III) on blood pressure and aldosterone secretion were examined in man. Angiotensin III was equipotent with val5-angiotensin II amide in the stimulationExpand
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Biological activity of des-Asp1-angiotensin I in man.
The biological activity of des-Asp1-angiotensin I (des-Asp1-AI) was studied in five normal men. An iv infusion of 300 ng (258 pmol)/kg.min des-Asp1-AI caused a remarkable rise in blood pressure, aExpand
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Immunomodulatory effect of fosfomycin on human B-lymphocyte function.
Fosfomycin (FOM) is an unique antibiotic which is chemically unrelated to any other known antimicrobial agent. Recent investigations have demonstrated that FOM inhibits histamine release fromExpand
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Immunomodulatory effects of three macrolides, midecamycin acetate, josamycin, and clarithromycin, on human T-lymphocyte function in vitro.
The effect of three macrolide antibiotics, midecamycin acetate, josamycin, and clarithromycin, on human T-cell function was investigated in vitro. Midecamycin acetate and josamycin suppressed theExpand
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Immunosuppressive property of bromocriptine on human B lymphocyte function in vitro
Bromocriptine (BRC), a dopamine ergot alkaloid, inhibits the release of pituitary prolactin (PRL). Hypoprolactinaemia induced in rat by treatment with BRC produces a similar immunosuppressive effectExpand
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Parathyroid hormone-induced lipolysis in human adipose tissue.
Relative lipolytic activity of human parathyroid hormone-(1-34) (hPTH-(1-34], hPTH-(3-34), desamino-Ser1-hPTH-(1-34), and rat PTH-(1-34) was compared in human subcutaneous adipose tissues in vitro.Expand
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Normotensive primary aldosteronism: report of a case.
A 23-yr-old male patient with normotensive primary aldosteronism is reported. He complained of muscle weakness, polydipsia, and polyuria. His blood pressure was generally 118/60 to 124/70 mm Hg.Expand
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A case of adiposis dolorosa: lipid metabolism and hormone secretion.
The present report describes a 53-year-old non-obese man with adiposis dolorosa whose pain was dramatically relieved by the intravenous injection of lidocaine. The patient showed a paradoxicalExpand
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