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Interactions of S100A2 and S100A6 with the Tetratricopeptide Repeat Proteins, Hsp90/Hsp70-organizing Protein and Kinesin Light Chain*
The results strongly suggest that the S100 proteins modulate Hsp70-Hop-Hsp90 multichaperone complex formation and KLC-cargo interaction via Ca2+-dependent S100 protein-TPR protein complex formation in vivo as well as in vitro. Expand
Vertical comb-drive MEMS mirror with sensing function for phase-shift device
We aim to achieve the phase-shift device which is a key component of two-dimensional Fourier spectrometer using the MEMS mirror fabricated by the micro fabrication technology. This mirror maintainsExpand
Air-flow based multifunctional tactile display device with multi-jet integrated micro venturi nozzle array
In this paper, the first air-flow based multifunctional tactile display with 1-D mixed array of integrated air nozzles and multi-jet integrated micro venturi atomizers are presented. This deviceExpand
Free-Space Optical Switch Modules Using Risley Optical Beam Deflectors
This paper describes new optical switch modules based on Risley optical beam deflectors. The Risley deflector consists of two wedge-shaped prisms and precisely controllable rotation mechanisms. AnExpand
This paper presents a simple and fast protein detection from a whole blood sample using an SPR (surface plasmon resonance) sensor chip integrated with in situ blood cell separation function. WeExpand
Proposal of spectroscopy-tomography of single cell
Currently, diagnosis of cancer is performed by biopsy, whereby medical doctors observe a removed specimen, focusing their attention on morphological changes in the cell sequence and cell nuclei. ForExpand
Cell culture on MEMS materials in microenvironment limited by a physical condition
An integrated microcell culture system to control physical conditions in a microenvironment is proposed. The authors quantitatively evaluated the cytotoxicity of commonly used MEMS materials, thatExpand
Fast protein detection in raw blood by size-exclusion SPR sensing
We have developed a simple technique for detecting protein in raw blood samples using size-exclusion surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing. We designed a sensor chip consisting of a microslit arrayExpand
Self-hold and precisely controllable optical cross-connect switches using ultrasonic micro motors
In this paper, we propose new optical cross-connect switches using ultrasonic micro motors, whose features are self-hold, precise control, and low electric power consumption. Two methods are examinedExpand
Signal enhancement of protein binding by electrodeposited gold nanostructures for applications in Kretschmann-type SPR sensors.
The insights into electrodeposition for SPR sensing presented here will enable improved sensitivity for detecting low-concentration and small proteins. Expand