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The Power of Non-Contractual Innovation
Currently, all major IT and telecom firms are busy trying to stimulate non-contractual complementary developments around their own core competences and offerings. But little has been done to explain
Many executives see innovation as an unmanageable process, riddled with risks. The research we conducted with the Industrial Research Institute, interviewing over 200 vice-presidents of research and
Learning to Trust the Crowd: Some Lessons from Wikipedia
  • F. Olleros
  • Art
    International MCETECH Conference on e…
  • 23 January 2008
Concerns about Wikipedia's quality and sustainable success have to be tempered by the fact that Wikipedia is in the process of redefining the pertinent dimensions of quality and value for general encyclopedias.
Microfactories and the new economies of scale and scope
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the microfactory model, the elements that enable it and its implications. The authors argue that microfactories reduce the risks and costs of
Digital Transformations: An Introduction
All around us, there are signs that we are entering an era of unprecedented technological and societal change. Online auctions, crowdsourced encyclopedias, open source software and peer-to-peer
Antirival Goods, Network Effects and the Sharing Economy
It is argued that nonrivalness and antirivalness are orthogonal properties of some collective goods, rather than stages along the same continuum away from rivalness, which means that collective goods are most inclusive when they are both nonrival andAntirival.
Business models in emerging industries: some lessons from the 'Better Place' electric-car debacle
  • F. Olleros
  • Economics
    Int. J. Technol. Manag.
  • 16 January 2016
It is argued that a high-technology startup in an emerging industry needs to find the market where its value proposition stands the best chance of being perfectly scalable, fertile and lasting, and it is shown how these three qualities of a value proposition reinforce each other and can bring an initially reluctant market into being.