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New records of Ten species of hyphomycetes from Taiwan
Ten species of saprophytic hyphomycetes are reported for the first time from Taiwan, including Actinocladium rhodosporum, Chromelosporium ochraceum, Conoplea novae-zelandiae, DictyochaetaExpand
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Myxozyma neotropica sp. nov. (Candidaceae) — a new yeast species from costa rica
Two strains of an undescribed, soil-born species of the genusMyxozyma were recovered. They differ from other accepted species of this genus in their carbon assimilation pattern, mol% G+C and lowExpand
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Fellomyces horovitziae sp. nov., a new basidiomycetous yeast species isolated from aXenasmatella basidiocarp
A new species of the genusFellomyces, F. horovitziae, was isolated from aXenasmatella basidiocarp. It differs from other accepted species in its carbon assimilation pattern, mol% G+C and low DNA-DNAExpand