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Inhibition of Cryptosporidium infection in mice treated with a cyclodextrin inclusion complex with diloxanide furoate
Abstract. The efficacies of diloxanide furoate, β-cyclodextrin and a cyclodextrin inclusion complex against Cryptosporidium parvum were evaluated in a suckling murine model. Efficacy was establishedExpand
A multicenter prospective study evaluating the impact of Proton Pump Inhibitors omeprazole and pantoprazole on voriconazole plasma concentrations.
Voriconazole is an antifungal metabolised by CYP2C19 enzyme, which can be inhibited by proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). A prospective observational study was carried out to determine the influence ofExpand
[Analysis of ocular toxicity of fluconazole and voriconazole eyedrops using HET-CAM].
PURPOSE The objective of the study is to provide toxicological information through the HET-CAM test of Fluconazole and Voriconazole eye drops prepared commonly in Pharmacy Services for the treatmentExpand
Starch-dextrin mixtures as base excipients for extrusion-spheronization pellets.
Extrusion-spheronization pellets are generally produced with microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) as the principal excipient, giving rise to particles of very high quality. A number of alternativeExpand
Ternary complexation of benzoic acid with β-cyclodextrin and aminoacids. Experimental and theoretical studies
Abstractβ-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) is a well-known host molecule used to prepare inclusion complexes. Considering that the three dimensional array of these complexes depends on the inclusion mode of theExpand
Enzyme-Loaded Gel Core Nanostructured Lipid Carriers to Improve Treatment of Lysosomal Storage Diseases: Formulation and In Vitro Cellular Studies of Elosulfase Alfa-Loaded Systems
Mucopolysaccharidosis IVA (Morquio A) is a rare inherited metabolic disease caused by deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme N-acetylgalatosamine-6-sulfate-sulfatase (GALNS). Until now, treatmentsExpand
Impact of CYP2C19 Genotype and Drug Interactions on Voriconazole Plasma Concentrations: A Spain Pharmacogenetic‐Pharmacokinetic Prospective Multicenter Study
Voriconazole, a first‐line agent for the treatment of invasive fungal infections, is mainly metabolized by cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2C19. A significant portion of patients fail to achieve therapeuticExpand
Enhancement in corneal permeability of riboflavin using cyclodextrin derivates complexes as a previous step to transepithelial cross-linking.
Corneal cross-linking has been described as an effective treatment to slow the progression of keratoconus. The standard protocol entails corneal epithelial removal to allow the diffusion ofExpand