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Quantum spin squeezing
This paper reviews quantum spin squeezing, which characterizes the sensitivity of a state with respect to SU(2) rotations, and is significant for both entanglement detection and high-precisionExpand
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Transverse and longitudinal angular momenta of light
Abstract We review basic physics and novel types of optical angular momentum. We start with a theoretical overview of momentum and angular momentum properties of generic optical fields, and discussExpand
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Colloquium: The physics of Maxwell's demon and information
Maxwell's demon was born in 1867 and still thrives in modern physics. He plays important roles in clarifying the connections between two theories: thermodynamics and information. Here, we present theExpand
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Quantum spin Hall effect of light
A quantum twist on classical optics Interpreting recent experimental results of light interactions with matter shows that the classical Maxwell theory of light has intrinsic quantum spin Hall effectExpand
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A Superconducting Reversible Rectifier That Controls the Motion of Magnetic Flux Quanta
We fabricated a device that controls the motion of flux quanta in a niobium superconducting film grown on an array of nanoscale triangular pinning potentials. The controllable rectification of theExpand
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Edge Modes, Degeneracies, and Topological Numbers in Non-Hermitian Systems.
We analyze chiral topological edge modes in a non-Hermitian variant of the 2D Dirac equation. Such modes appear at interfaces between media with different "masses" and/or signs of the "non-HermitianExpand
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Direct measurements of the extraordinary optical momentum and transverse spin-dependent force using a nano-cantilever
An unexpected optical momentum and force perpendicular to the wavevector are measured using a nano-cantilever in an evanescent optical field, confirming a 75-year-old prediction.
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Theory and applications of free-electron vortex states
Abstract Both classical and quantum waves can form vortices : entities with helical phase fronts and circulating current densities. These features determine the intrinsic orbital angular momentumExpand
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Optical momentum and angular momentum in complex media: from the Abraham-Minkowski debate to unusual properties of surface plasmon-polaritons
We examine momentum and angular-momentum (AM) properties of monochromatic optical fields in dispersive and inhomogeneous isotropic media, using Abraham- and Minkowski-type approaches as well as theExpand
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Sound-producing sand avalanches
Sound-producing sand grains constitute one of nature's more puzzling and least understood physical phenomena. They occur naturally in two distinct types: booming and squeaking sands. Although bothExpand
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