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Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
Superconducting circuits [1-11] based on Josephson junctions exhibit macroscopic quantum coherence and can behave like artificial atoms. Recent technological advances have made it possible toExpand
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Lamb-Dicke spectroscopy of atoms in a hollow-core photonic crystal fibre
Unlike photons, which are conveniently handled by mirrors and optical fibres without loss of coherence, atoms lose their coherence via atom–atom and atom–wall interactions. This decoherence of atomsExpand
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Electronic spectrum of twisted bilayer graphene: from insulator to metal
A.O. Sboychakov, 2 A.L. Rakhmanov, 2, 3, 4 A.V. Rozhkov, 2, 3 and Franco Nori 5 CEMS, RIKEN, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0198, Japan Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics, Russian AcademyExpand
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Circuit quantum acoustodynamics with surface acoustic waves
The experimental investigation of quantum devices incorporating mechanical resonators has opened up new frontiers in the study of quantum mechanics at a macroscopic level. It has recently been shownExpand
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One Photon Can Simultaneously Excite Two or More Atoms.
We consider two separate atoms interacting with a single-mode optical or microwave resonator. When the frequency of the resonator field is twice the atomic transition frequency, we show that thereExpand
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High-order exceptional points in optomechanics
We study mechanical cooling in systems of coupled passive (lossy) and active (with gain) optical resonators. We find that for a driving laser which is red-detuned with respect to the cavityExpand
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Quantifying Non-Markovianity with Temporal Steering.
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering is a type of quantum correlation which allows one to remotely prepare, or steer, the state of a distant quantum system. While EPR steering can be thought of asExpand
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Qubit-induced phonon blockade as a signature of quantum behavior in nanomechanical resonators
The observation of quantized nanomechanical oscillations by detecting femtometer-scale displacements is a significant challenge for experimentalists. We propose that a phonon blockade can serve as aExpand
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Quantum metamaterials: Electromagnetic waves in a Josephson qubit line
We consider the propagation of a classical electromagnetic wave through a transmission line, formed by identical superconducting charge qubits inside a superconducting resonator. Since the qubits canExpand
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Efficient quantum simulation of photosynthetic light harvesting
Near-unity energy transfer efficiency has been widely observed in natural photosynthetic complexes. This phenomenon has attracted broad interest from different fields, such as physics, biology,Expand
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