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Determination of sex hormones and nonylphenol ethoxylates in the aqueous matrixes of two pilot-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants.
Two analytical methods were developed and refined for the detection and quantitation of two groups of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the liquid matrixes of two pilot-scale municipalExpand
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O3/H2O2 Process for Both Removal of Odorous Algal-Derived Compounds and Control of Bromate Ion Formation
The limitation of ozonation and the applicability of ozone/hydrogen peroxide process with a source water for a water supply using a flow-through type contactor were discussed. The water sample wasExpand
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Occurrence of paralytic shellfish poison in the starfish, Asterias amurensis in Kure Bay, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.
In May 1996, during surveillance on the toxicity of invertebrates such as bivalves inhabiting the coasts of Hiroshima Bay, the starfish Asterias amurensis collected in the estuary of the Nikoh RiverExpand
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Effect of alkaline microwaving pretreatment on anaerobic digestion and biogas production of swine manure
Microwave assisted with alkaline (MW-A) condition was applied in the pretreatment of swine manure, and the effect of the pretreatment on anaerobic treatment and biogas production was evaluated inExpand
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本研究では, イオン交換剤であるゼオライトを生物付着担体として用い, イオン交換・吸着による廃水中のアンモニア性窒素濃度の硝化阻害発現濃度以下への低減と, 担体付着硝化菌による硝化およびゼオライトの再生をも行わしめることができる反応器 (生物ゼオライト反応器) の開発を目的とした. アンモニア性窒素の吸着と硝化を同時に作用させ得ること, 単位担体当りのアンモニア性窒素負荷率の値を,Expand
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Applicability of Corbicula as a bioindicator for monitoring organochlorine pesticides in fresh and brackish waters
The applicability of Corbicula as a bioindicator for monitoring organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in fresh and brackish waters is presented here. Differences in isomer compositions and OCPExpand
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Changes of microbial substrate metabolic patterns through a wastewater reuse process, including WWTP and SAT concerning depth.
In this study, changes of microbial substrate metabolic patterns by BIOLOG assay were discussed through a sequential wastewater reuse process, which includes activated sludge and treated effluent inExpand
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Occurrence of tributyltin (TBT)-resistant bacteria is not related to TBT pollution in Mekong River and coastal sediment: with a hypothesis of selective pressure from suspended solid.
Tributyltin (TBT) is organotin compound that is toxic to aquatic life ranging from bacteria to mammals. This study examined the concentration of TBT in sediment from and near the Mekong River and theExpand
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Effects of microbial activity on perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs) generation during aerobic biotransformation of fluorotelomer alcohols in activated sludge.
Biotransformation of fluorotelomer alcohols (FTOHs) in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) can release toxic intermediates and perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs) to the aqueous environment.Expand
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