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Investigating the Effectiveness of Computer Simulations in the Teaching of “Atomic Structure and Bonding”
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of using computer simulations on students’ understanding of “Atomic Structure and Bonding” over the traditionally designed instruction. Expand
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Biological activity from indigenous medicinal plants of Mauritius
The Mauritian population has a long tradition in the use of ethno-medicine, and the practice is still strong, especially in the treatment of minor ailments. Such interest stems from an existingExpand
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Proportional reasoning in the learning of chemistry: levels of complexity
This interdisciplinary study sketches the ways in which proportional reasoning is involved in the solution of chemistry problems, more specifically, problems involving quantities in chemicalExpand
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Promoting Conceptual Understanding of “Chemical Energetics” at ‘A’-Level through Guided Inquiry
The topic “Chemical Energetics” forms an important part of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) ‘A’-Level syllabus. An attempt has been made in the present study to promote conceptualExpand
The antifungal, antibacterial as well as the ability to contract and relax toad and rate ileal strip by extracts obtained from endemic medicinal plants of Mauritius are reported. The plants testedExpand
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An Investigation into the Use of the Concept Attainment Model in Teaching the "Periodic Table" at 'O'-Level Through an Action Research
The present study was based on the use of the concept attainment model (CAM) in the teaching of the topic “Periodic Table” at the ‘O’-level, in an attempt to investigate its impact on students’Expand
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Social Learning Theory—Albert Bandura
Social learning theory (SLT) is often described as an intermediate between behaviorism (traditional learning theory) and cognitive theory. Behaviorism focuses on one particular view of learning: aExpand
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Enhancing Conceptual Understanding of the “Chemistry of Life” at the ‘A’-Level Through Use of Computer Animations
“Chemistry of Life” is a topic that forms part of the “Applications of Chemistry” section introduced as a compulsory part in the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Advanced Level (‘A’-Level)Expand
An Investigation into the Use of Concept Cartoons in the Teaching of "Metals and the Reactivity Series" at the Secondary Level
The present study was designed in an attempt to promote argumentation, and to enhance students’ engagement and understanding during the teaching of “Metals and the Reactivity Series” by making use ofExpand
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A Study on the Use of Concept Maps in the Teaching of ‘Chemical Periodicity’ at the Upper Secondary Level
Concept maps are special forms of web diagrams for exploring knowledge and for gathering and sharing information; they illustrate meaningful relationships between concepts. The purpose of this studyExpand