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LSH Ensemble: Internet-Scale Domain Search
We present a new index structure, Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) Ensemble, that solves the domain search problem using set containment at Internet scale. Expand
Learning Feature Engineering for Classification
We present a novel technique, called Learning Feature Engineering (LFE), for automating feature engineering in classification tasks. Expand
JOSIE: Overlap Set Similarity Search for Finding Joinable Tables in Data Lakes
We present a new solution for finding joinable tables in massive data lakes: given a table and one join column, find tables that can be joined with the given table on the largest number of distinct values. Expand
Table Union Search on Open Data
We define the table union search problem and present a probabilistic solution for finding tables that are unionable with a query table within massive repositories. Expand
Making Open Data Transparent: Data Discovery on Open Data
We present new table join and table union search solutions that provide interactive search speed even over massive collections of millions of attributes with heavily skewed cardinality distributions. Expand
Data Lake Management: Challenges and Opportunities
We consider how data lakes are introducing new problems including dataset discovery and how they are changing the requirements for classic problems including data extraction, data cleaning, data integration, data versioning, and metadata management. Expand
Organizing Data Lakes for Navigation
We present a new probabilistic model of how users interact with an organization and propose an approximate algorithm for the data lake organization problem. Expand
An Agent - Based Architecture with Centralized Management for a Distance Learning System
In this paper we have proposed a multi-agent architecture for an Intelligent Tutoring System using TROPOS methodology. Expand
SrZn_2Si_2O_7:Eu^2+, Mn^2+: a single-phased emission tunable nanophosphor suitable for white light emitting diodes
A series of emission-tunable nanophosphors with nominal composition of Sr0.96Zn2−xSi2O7:0.04Eu2+, xMn2+ (0≤x≤0.15) were designed and synthesized by solgel technique for application inExpand
Sol–gel synthesis, structural and optical characteristics of Sr1−xZn2Si2yO7+δ: xEu2+ as a potential nanocrystalline phosphor for near-ultraviolet white light-emitting diodes
In this research, a new blue-emitting phosphor Eu2+-doped SrZn2Si2O7 was developed for white light-emitting diodes via the sol–gel process. Thermogravimetric-differential thermal analysis, X-rayExpand