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An adjustable male sling for treating urinary incontinence after prostatectomy: a phase III multicentre trial
To evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new adjustable bulbourethral sling (Argus®, Promedon SA, Cordoba, Argentina) in the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after prostate surgery.
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Predicting MAOD using only a supramaximal exhaustive test.
The objective of this study was to propose an alternative method (MAOD(ALT)) to estimate the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD) using only one supramaximal exhaustive test. Nine participantsExpand
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[Long-term results of a phase III multicentre trial of the adjustable male sling for treating urinary incontinence after prostatectomy: minimum 3 years].
OBJECTIVE To communicate long-term results of the multicentre phase III trial post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence (PPI) treated with an adjustable male sling. PATIENTS AND METHODS 48 PPIExpand
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The role of aerobic fitness on session rating of perceived exertion in futsal players.
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to verify the influence of aerobic fitness (VO2max) on internal training loads, as measured by the session rating of perceived exertion (session-RPE) method. Expand
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Differences in Muscle Mechanical Properties Between Elite Power and Endurance Athletes: A Comparative Study
Abstract Loturco, I, Gil, S, Laurino, CFdS, Roschel, H, Kobal, R, Cal Abad, CC, and Nakamura, FY. Differences in muscle mechanical properties between elite power and endurance athletes: a comparativeExpand
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Physiological responses to shuttle repeated-sprint running.
This study investigated the influence of 180 degrees changes of direction during a repeated-sprint running test on performance, cardiorespiratory variables, muscle deoxygenation and post-exerciseExpand
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Noninvasive method to estimate anaerobic threshold in individuals with type 2 diabetes
BackgroundWhile several studies have identified the anaerobic threshold (AT) through the responses of blood lactate, ventilation and blood glucose others have suggested the response of the heart rateExpand
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Sensitivity of physiological and psychological markers to training load intensification in volleyball players.
The aim of this study was to test the sensitivity of; performance in the countermovement vertical Jump (CMJ); the Recovery and Stress Questionnaire for Athletes (RESTQ-Sport); the Total QualityExpand
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Strength and Power Qualities Are Highly Associated With Punching Impact in Elite Amateur Boxers
Abstract Loturco, I, Nakamura, FY, Artioli, GG, Kobal, R, Kitamura, K, Cal Abad, CC, Cruz, IF, Romano, F, Pereira, LA, and Franchini, E. Strength and power qualities are highly associated withExpand
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Physical and Physiological Demands of Field and Assistant Soccer Referees During America's Cup
Abstract Barbero-Álvarez, JC, Boullosa, DA, Nakamura, FY, Andrín, G, and Castagna, C. Physical and physiological demands of field and assistant soccer referees during America's cup. J Strength CondExpand
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