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Mass safe male circumcision: early lessons from a Ugandan urban site - a case study
Early lessons learnt at a start up of a mass safe male circumcision (SMC) program in an urban Ugandan site are described, implemented through task shifting and a private public partnership approach. Expand
Adverse Events Profile of PrePex a Non-Surgical Device for Adult Male Circumcision in a Ugandan Urban Setting
PrePex is feasible for mass safe male circumcision scaling up and would recommend the device to their friends, and AEs of a moderate or severe nature associated with PrePex were low and reversible. Expand
Long term post PrePex male circumcision outcomes in an urban population in Uganda: a cohort study
A cohort study investigating patients who had undergone a non surgical circumcision procedure called Prepex, finding a high level of scar appearance satisfaction, and a perceived improvement of sexual enjoyment after circumcision. Expand
Circumstances of child deaths in Mali and Uganda: a community-based confidential enquiry.
Local investigation and review of circumstances of death of children in sub-Saharan Africa is likely to lead to more effective interventions than simple consideration of the biomedical causes of death. Expand
Nurse-led interventions in the interim: waiting on universal health coverage.
The statistically favourable outcomes of the nurse-led interventions support a cost-effective approach to, with policy support, sustainably improve practice outcomes. Expand