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Evaluation of soil fertility and fertilisation practices for irrigated maize (Zea mays L.) under Mediterranean conditions in Central Chile
The main aim of this study was to carry out an evaluation of soil fertility and fertilisation practices for irrigated maize (Zea mays L.) under Mediterranean conditions in central Chile. Soil samplesExpand
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Direct determination of alkaloid contents in Fumaria species by GC-MS.
The isoquinoline alkaloids protopine, cryptopine, sinactine, stylopine, bicuculline, adlumine, parfumine, fumariline, fumarophycine, fumaritine, dihydrofumariline, parfumidine and dihydrosanguinarineExpand
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Ferrous Wheel Hypothesis: Abiotic nitrate incorporation into dissolved organic matter
Abstract We evaluated the abiotic formation of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) by the fast reaction of iron (Fe) with nitrate (NO3−) in the dissolved organic matter (DOM) of volcanic soils in aExpand
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Long-term monitoring of soil fertility for agroforestry combined with water harvesting in Central Chile
Agroforestry associated with water harvesting was evaluated in field experiments conducted in central Chile, 1996–2008. Soil fertility parameters, such as soil organic matter (SOM), soil reactionExpand
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Strongly Emissive and Photostable Four-Coordinate Organoboron N,C Chelates and Their Use in Fluorescence Microscopy.
Six strongly fluorescent four-coordinate organoboron N,C chelates containing an aryl isoquinoline skeleton were prepared. Remarkably, the fluorescence quantum yields reach values of up to 0.74 inExpand
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Dendrimer-modified solid supports: nanostructured materials with potential drug allergy diagnostic applications.
Complex functional materials consisting of bioactive molecules immobilized on solid supports present potential applications in biosensoring. Advances in the fabrication of these surface materials areExpand
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Identification of an antigenic determinant of clavulanic acid responsible for IgE‐mediated reactions
Selective reactions to clavulanic acid (CLV) account for around 30% of immediate reactions after administration of amoxicillin‐CLV. Currently, no immunoassay is available for detecting specific IgEExpand
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Dendrimeric Antigens for Drug Allergy Diagnosis: A New Approach for Basophil Activation Tests
Dendrimeric Antigens (DeAns) consist of dendrimers decorated with multiple units of drug antigenic determinants. These conjugates have been shown to be a powerful tool for diagnosing penicillinExpand
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Red-Emitting Tetracoordinate Organoboron Chelates: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and Fluorescence Microscopy.
Seven tetracoordinate organoboron fluorophores with heterobiaryl N,O- or N,N-chelate ligands were prepared and photophysically characterized (in toluene). The electronic variation of theExpand
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Dendrimeric antigen-silica particle composites: an innovative approach for IgE quantification.
Dendrimeric antigens (DeAn), which are synthetic antigens where the role of the carrier protein is performed by a dendrimer, were supported on silica particles to assemble DeAn@SiO2 composites. TheseExpand
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