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Classification of the vascular anatomy of muscles: experimental and clinical correlation.
Five patterns of muscle circulation, based on studies of the vascular anatomy of muscle, are described. Clinical and experimental correlation of this classification is determined by the predictiveExpand
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Management of the infected median sternotomy wound with muscle flaps. The Emory 20-year experience.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to define those patient variables that contribute to morbidity and mortality of median sternotomy wound infection and the results of treatment by debridement andExpand
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Reconstructive Surgery: Principles, Anatomy & Technique
Two Volumes: Section 1 General Principles: Introduction: a Systematic Approach. The Reconstructive Triangle: a Paradigm for Surgical Decision Making. Flap Selection: Analysis of Features,Expand
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Evolution of technique of the direct transblepharoplasty approach for the correction of lower lid and midfacial aging: maximizing results and minimizing complications in a 5-year experience.
During the past 5 years, the authors have used a direct trans-lower lid blepharoplasty subperiosteal approach to the lower lid and midface for the purpose of correction of midfacial aging in 757Expand
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Use of Porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix (Enduragen) Grafts in Eyelids: A Review of 69 Patients and 129 Eyelids
Background: Spacer grafts in the eyelid are used in both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. The authors report their experience using a new acellular porcine dermal graft (Enduragen) in 129Expand
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The Platysma Musculocutaneous Flap: Experience with 24 Cases
The platysma musculocutaneous flap has been used in 24 patients for reconstruction in the head and neck area. In 22 patients, the superior vascular pedicle, the submental branch of the facial artery,Expand
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Experiences with the tensor fascia lata flap.
Our experience with 60 TFL flaps is reviewed. The anatomy and the arcs of rotation of this flap are described. Our clinical experience--particularly in reconstruction of the groin and abdominal wall,Expand
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The meaning of surgical margins.
In an effort to define the pathological term surgical margins, 11 pathologists were interviewed regarding the meaning of the term margins. In addition, 25 plastic surgeons were queried regardingExpand
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Ten years experience with the free jejunal autograft.
Retrospective analysis by chart review, personal interview, and physical examination identified 88 patients who received 96 jejunal free flaps over a 10 year period. Seventy-nine of these patientsExpand
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Anaplastic large cell lymphoma and breast implants: FDA report.
Aesthetic plastic surgeons have a long history of commitment to optimizing safety in patients undergoing placement of breast implants. Much of the recent, related oncological research in aestheticExpand
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