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Astronomical Data Analysis
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Image Processing and Data Analysis - The Multiscale Approach
Foreword 1. The wavelet transform 2. Multiresolution support and filtering 3. Deconvolution 4. 1-D signals and Euclidean-based data analysis 5. Geometric registration 6. Disparity analysis andExpand
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The Undecimated Wavelet Decomposition and its Reconstruction
This paper describes the undecimated wavelet transform and its reconstruction. In the first part, we show the relation between two well known undecimated wavelet transforms, the standard undecimatedExpand
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A Survey of Recent Advances in Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms
  • F. Murtagh
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. J.
  • 1 November 1983
It has often been asserted that since hierarchical clustering algorithms require pairwise interobject proximities, the complexity of these clustering procedures is at least O(N 2 ). Recent work hasExpand
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Weighted Association Rule Mining using weighted support and significance framework
We address the issues of discovering significant binary relationships in transaction datasets in a weighted setting. Traditional model of association rule mining is adapted to handle weightedExpand
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Ward’s Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Method: Which Algorithms Implement Ward’s Criterion?
The Ward error sum of squares hierarchical clustering method has been very widely used since its first description by Ward in a 1963 publication. It has also been generalized in various ways. TwoExpand
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Astronomical image and data analysis
From the Contents: Filtering * Deconvolution * Detection * Image Compression * Multichannel Data * An Entropic Tour of Astronomical Data Analysis * Astronomical Catalog Analysis * Multiple ResolutionExpand
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Inpainting and Zooming Using Sparse Representations
Representing the image to be inpainted in an appropriate sparse representation dictionary, and combining elements from Bayesian statistics and modern harmonic analysis, we introduce an expectationExpand
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Deconvolution in astronomy: A review
This article reviews different deconvolution methods. The all-pervasive presence of noise is what makes deconvolution particularly difficult. The diversity of resulting algorithms reflects differentExpand
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Three Types of Gamma-Ray Bursts
A multivariate analysis of gamma-ray burst (GRB) bulk properties is presented to discriminate between distinct classes of GRBs. Several variables representing burst duration, Nuence, and spectralExpand
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