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An Inventory of Documented Diseases of African Honeybees
Current trends in global honeybee population changes have been linked to drastic declines in honeybee populations caused by complex interactions between pathogens, arthropod pests such as Varroa,Expand
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The impact of hive type on the behavior and health of honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera) in Kenya
There has been a long-standing interest in developing approaches to maximize honey production by Kenyan beekeepers. Since honey bees in Kenya are passively managed, the main decision beekeepers makeExpand
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Occurrence, diversity and pattern of damage of Oplostomus species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), honey bee pests in Kenya
Several arthropod pests including the hive beetles Aethina tumida and Oplostomus haroldi and the ectoparasite Varroa destructor have recently been identified as associated with honey bee colonies inExpand
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Reproductive parasitism by worker honey bees suppressed by queens through regulation of worker mandibular secretions
Social cohesion in social insect colonies can be achieved through the use of chemical signals whose production is caste-specific and regulated by social contexts. In honey bees, queen mandibularExpand
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The transcriptomic changes associated with the development of social parasitism in the honeybee Apis mellifera capensis
Social insects are characterized by the division of labor. Queens usually dominate reproduction, whereas workers fulfill non-reproductive age-dependent tasks to maintain the colony. Although workersExpand
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Pheromone communication in honey bees (Apis mellifera)
Abstract Social insect societies are characterized by a high level of organization exemplified by strict division of reproductive labor and worker division of labor based on age polyethism. ThisExpand
Molecular Characterization, Ecology and Pathogens of Honeybees in Newly Established Colonies in Kitui County, a Semi-Arid Ecosystem in Kenya
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of Masters of Science in Genetics in the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology 2014