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A Time-Series View of Changing Ocean Chemistry Due to Ocean Uptake of Anthropogenic CO2 and Ocean Acidification
Sustained observations provide critically needed data and understanding not only about ocean warming and water cycle reorganization (e.g., salinity changes), ocean eutrophication, and ocean
Chemoautotrophy in the redox transition zone of the Cariaco Basin: A significant midwater source of organic carbon production
During the CARIACO time series program, microbial standing stocks, bacterial production, and acetate turnover were consistently elevated in the redox transition zone (RTZ) of the Cariaco Basin, the
Absorbance, absorption coefficient, and apparent quantum yield: A comment on common ambiguity in the use of these optical concepts
Several important optical terms, such as “absorbance” and “absorption coefficient,” are frequently used ambiguously in the current peer‐reviewed literature. Because these terms are important when
The dispersal of the Amazon's water
The Amazon is the largest river system in the world, contributing about 6 × 1012 m3 of fresh water to the tropical Atlantic each year1,2. This is about 16% of the annual discharge into the world's