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A magnetoelastic strange attractor
Abstract Experimental evidence is presented for chaotic type non-periodic motions of a deterministic magnetoelastic oscillator. These motions are analogous to solutions in non-linear dynamic systemsExpand
Modal Sensors/Actuators
These modal equations indicate that distributed piezoelectric sensors/actuators can be adopted to measure/excite specific modes of one-dimensional plates and beams and a way to create a special two-dimensional modal sensor is presented. Expand
Chaotic Vibrations: An Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers
1. Introduction: A New Age of Dynamics. 1.1 What Is Chaotic Dynamics? 1.2 Classical Nonlinear Vibration Theory: A Brief Review. 1.3 Maps and Flows. 2. How to Identify Chaotic Vibrations. 3. A SurveyExpand
Magneto-Solid Mechanics
Subcritical Hopf Bifurcation in the Delay Equation Model for Machine Tool Vibrations
We show the existence of a subcritical Hopf bifurcation in thedelay-differential equation model of the so-called regenerative machine toolvibration. The calculation is based on the reduction of theExpand
Chaotic and fractal dynamics
A fascinating and timely look at the applications of chaotic dynamics in science and technology, this volume reflects the collected research of the world's foremost physicists, chemists,Expand
Superconducting levitation : applications to bearings and magnetic transportation
Principles of Magnetics. Superconducting Materials. Principles of Superconducting Bearings. Dynamics of Magnetically Levitated Systems. Applications of Superconducting Bearings. Magnetic LevitationExpand
Applied Dynamics: With Applications to Multibody and Mechatronic Systems
  • F. Moon
  • Computer Science
  • 15 June 1998
This chapter discusses dynamic Phenomena and Failures, as well as nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics, and Principles of D'Alembert, Virtual Power, and Lagrange's Equations. Expand
Magnetoelastic Buckling of a Thin Plate