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The adhesion between fiber posts and root canal walls: comparison between microtensile and push-out bond strength measurements.
Aim of the study was to compare the trimming and non-trimming variants of the microtensile technique with the 'micro' push-out test in the ability to measure accurately the bond strength of fiberExpand
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Self-adhesive resin cements: a literature review.
PURPOSE To summarize research conducted on self-adhesive cements and provide information on their properties, based on the results of original scientific full-length papers from peer-reviewedExpand
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Surface treatments for improving bond strength to prefabricated fiber posts: a literature review.
This literature review summarizes the research on fiber post surface treatments and provides information related to their benefit in enhancing bond strength to composites, based on the results ofExpand
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SEM evaluation of the cement layer thickness after luting two different posts.
PURPOSE To verify with SEM the cement layer thickness and uniformity of resin-relined translucent fiber posts (anatomic posts) and standard translucent fiber posts. MATERIALS AND METHODS On 20Expand
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Fatigue resistance and structural characteristics of fiber posts: three-point bending test and SEM evaluation.
OBJECTIVES The aim of the present study was to assess the fatigue resistance of different types of fiber posts, and to observe their ultrastructure through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) beforeExpand
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Influence of different surface treatments on surface zirconia frameworks.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of different chemo-mechanical surface treatments of zirconia ceramic in the attempt to improve its bonding potential. METHODS Sintered zirconium oxide ceramicExpand
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A simple etching technique for improving the retention of fiber posts to resin composites.
Coupling of fiber posts to composites is hampered by absence of chemical union between epoxy resins and methacrylate-based resins. This study examined a clinically feasible protocol for creatingExpand
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Limited Decalcification/Diffusion of Self-adhesive Cements into Dentin
Resin cement diffusion into dentin may differ as a function of the pre-treatment regimen. Since self-adhesive cements do not require substrate pre-treatment for luting, penetration of and interactionExpand
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Post-surface conditioning improves interfacial adhesion in post/core restorations.
OBJECTIVES To verify the influence of different etching procedures of the post-surface on microtensile bond strength values between fiber posts and composite core materials. METHODS 60 DT LightExpand
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Morphological analysis of three zirconium oxide ceramics: Effect of surface treatments.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of different chemo-mechanical surface treatments on the morphology of three recently marketed dental zirconia ceramics. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ceramic discs (Ø 10 mmExpand
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