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Comparative study of responses in four Datura species to a zinc stress.
The effects of zinc toxicity on the growth and the photosynthetic activities of four Datura species (Datura metel, Datura innoxia, Datura sanguinea, Datura tatula) were studied using various ZnSO4Expand
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Kinetic Study of the Pyrolysis of H 2 S
The pyrolysis of hydrogen sulfide has been studied at residence times between 0.4 and 1.6 s and in the temperature range of 800−1100 °C. A continuous perfectly mixed quartz reactor was used toExpand
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Binding of antipsychotic drugs to cortical 5-HT2A receptors: a PET study of chlorpromazine, clozapine, and amisulpride in schizophrenic patients.
OBJECTIVE This study examined the binding to cortical serotonin 5-HT2A receptors of conventional doses of the typical neuroleptic chlorpromazine in comparison with clozapine, the prototype atypicalExpand
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Gas Exchange and Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Symbiotic and Non-Symbiotic Ryegrass Under Water Stress
The symbiotic association of endophyte fungus, Neotyphodium lolii, and ryegrass improves the ryegrass resistance to drought. This is shown by a 30 % increase in the number of suckers in infectedExpand
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Reactive Oxygen Species on Platinum Gauzes during Partial Oxidation of Methane into Synthesis Gas
Abstract Platinum gauzes have been studied for the partial oxidation of methane in a high-temperature TAP-2 reactor between 800 and 1100°C. Two different oxidation procedures were used and the oxygenExpand
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Silicon nitride supported platinum catalysts for the partial oxidation of methane at high temperatures
Abstract The catalytic partial oxidation of methane has been studied over platinum silicon nitride supported catalysts in the temperature range of 900–1100°C at a contact time of 0.35 ms atExpand
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Simple determination of the O2 and CO2 permeances of microperforated pouches for modified atmosphere packaging of respiring foods
Abstract A procedure permitting the simple determination of the O2 and CO2 permeance of pouches used to pack respiring foods under real conditions is described. It is based on the measurement of theExpand
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Acclimation to drought stress enhances oxidative stress tolerance in Solanum lycopersicum L. fruits.
A moderate water deficit stress (S1) applied 10 days after anthesis was found to induce acclimation to a subsequent more severe drought stress (S2) in Solanum lycopersicum L.. When plants wereExpand
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Deeply inelastic collisions as a source of intermediate mass fragments at E/A=27 MeV
Abstract Intermediate-mass fragments detected in coincidence with heavy residues were measured in 40 Ar induced reactions on Ag at E / A =27 MeV. From the observed characteristics, it is inferredExpand
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Endogenous α-melanotropin and central dopamine systems in physical and psychological stress
SummaryThe response of central dopamine (DA) systems to physical stress (10 s footshock, 0.5 mA, to naive rats) or psychological stress (10 s stay in experimental chamber 1 day after footshock) wasExpand
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