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The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary
The Gospel of Mark, addressed to an early Christian community perplexed by failure and suffering, presents Jesus as suffering Messiah and Son of God. Recognizing that failure and suffering continueExpand
An Introduction to the Gospel of John
The Gospel Of John: Text And Context
Recognized as an innovative interpreter of the Gospel of John, for decades Francis J. Moloney has approached the sacred literature in a way that attends both to the details of the text and to theExpand
The Johannine Son of Man
Narrative Criticism of the Gospels
Contemporary biblical scholarship is devoting increasing attention to the narrative nature of much biblical literature. There is an author of the text and an author in the text, just as there is aExpand
Signs and Shadows: Reading John 5-12
Moloney offers a close reading of the crucial middle section of the Gospel of John, taking the reader on a journey as Jesus' ministry unfolds. Among the events dealt with are the cure of a cripple onExpand
Experiencing God in the Gospel of John
The faith of Martha and Mary. A narrative approach to John 11,17-40
L'A. etudie le role des personnages Marthe et Marie dans le recit johannique de la resurrection de Lazare (Jn. 11, 17-40). L'analyse narrative montre que l'action de Marthe culmine dans la professionExpand
The Johannine Son of Man
In view of the never-ceasing interest in the Son of Man problem’, it is extraordinary that there is no full-scale monograph on the use of the title in the Fourth Gospel. Siegried Schulz’s doctoralExpand